Feeding 16Mnth Boy Refusing to Get Indoes Stokke Highchair Help Being Nx Table.

Updated on August 13, 2008
S.G. asks from Hoboken, NJ
4 answers

Hi there I have 2 children a 3yr old and a 16mnth old have a great high chair by peg prego but son now refusing to get in. And throwing food everywhere any suggestions. One of my friends suggested putting him with us at the table,if he sits with us at the table he may eat better he seems to at restaurants. Any ideas anyone? This is why I am making a request for help or my other idea is to buy a stokke trip trapp highchair,he can't really balance very well in the booster seat.What do people think? Does anyone have one and find it works better or does anyone want to sell so I don't waste more money? Thanks for all your help I live in Hoboken NJ.

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My son never sat in a high chair either. We use the Fisher Price booster seat. Balancing in this is not an issue. You can adjust the tray as far in as needed and there is a hump in the middle to separate each leg as well as not allow the child to slide down. It is sturdy and secure and have been using it since he's 9 mos old. Good Luck!



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Hi S.! I have a couple of things to tell you. First...I am going through this too with my 23month old and what has really helped us is to use his healthy care booster seat from fisher price. Unlike traditional boosters, it comes with a tray and straps....so you can strap him into the chair and strap the chair onto a real chair...so that really helps--plus there is the option of using the tray or not.

Next--I wanted to invite you to join CityMommy. Its specifically for the area that you live in and is full of info, support and other moms living right near by!
Log onto northjersey.citymommy.com and enter the registration code "njmommy" to join.

ps-we happen to be running a contest right now for a free booster/highchair! LOL!




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It's not the chair, it's the age:) Ou boys did the same thing.....



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I am also a big advocate of the booster seat. My son never did the high chair route. We jsut have a safety 1st booster seat that can fold easily for travel. Mine sounds just like the ones the Fisher Price one that the other moms are describing.

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