Feedback Needed on Britax Stroller or Other

Updated on August 16, 2008
J.W. asks from North Charleston, SC
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Hi Moms,

Are you able to give me feedback/reviews on the Britax Vigour stroller? I found some mixed reviews on this stroller and am unable to locate one near by to do a test drive. I found someone selling one for a good deal with a low shipping cost but am afraid to buy without knowing more. I really need a single stroller soon and don't want to miss out on a good deal for a great product. One thing I read is some children grow out of this quickly and others do not. I have a large infant and need something durable that will last me a long time. Or if you have recommendations of a durable single stroller I can get for a deal I would be interested in that also. Thanks!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your responses. I was looking for a 'single' stroller because my husband & I couldn't get our Phil & Teds into my small trunk. While our infant was sleeping I took my time to again see if I could get it into the trunk of my car. To my surprise if I put it in just right I CAN get it to fit, Yahhhh!!! So, I have decided that if I need another stroller I will purchase another of the same stroller because I do love our stroller SO VERY MUCH. Thanks again!

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I have a Combi and I love it! I did a lot of tests when I was prego and have used the same stroller for the last 2 years. I can't remember the specific model, but it is the one that is the lightest in weight. It is almost like having an umbrella stroller, opens with one hand, folds easily, folds into itself with a shoulder strap, reclines, has a rain and sun shade...the only thing that I am not super happy with is the basket underneath. It doesn't have a lot of storage capacity. I can certainly throw diapers, wipes, water etc, but it isn't super great for a day at the mall. What I did to remedy that was to buy some of the stroller hangers and use them to hang my purse, shopping bag or diaper bag...I also use the stroller hangers at the grocery...they work perfectly to hang your purse or reusable shopping bags off of the front so that your child can sit in the cart. I keep some of them in my diaper bag at all time. They are awesome and will fit just about any type of stroller that you might find! Good luck to you!

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I haven't heard anything about the britax ones but we have a "jeep" 3 wheel stroller. It's kind of big but that is my only complaint and it's not really even one at that (don't worry it will fit in your trunk). I got mine at toys R us for under $100, but they sell them everywhere. (target, baby's r us, shopko, Baby Depot, etc). They will hold a toddler up to I think 70 or 75 lbs. I've taken mine hiking and running and mall shopping. The front wheel is one that can spin all the way around so it's super easy to manuever and you can also lock it if you're on rough terrain. I'm kind of sad though because we are planning to get pregnant sometime in the next year and Jeep doesn't make the three wheel model in a double stroller. :(



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I have an inglesina and I love it...truely has a one handed close and open and it is THE BEST!! A good place to find reviews, believe it or not is Good luck with your decision!



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This is my favorite "TYPE" of stroller for infants...and is nearly the only kind one you'll see if you're in Europe. The rear facing pram-type so your baby is watching YOU and you can always have one eye on THEM, up tall, and sooooo small and maneuverable. My god, they're perfect. Even the heaviness is reassuring, solid construction with a good center of gravity is a must.

Children DO grow out of them faster then out of, say, jogging strollers you can use for 8 years. We only used ours for about a year...everyone in my fam is over 6'...but it is on my list of top 5 things I'm grateful we did when our son was a baby.

My caveat is that I have to admit I don't know this brand (I borrowed a friends' stroller from the UK when my son was little, there weren't any being retailed here at ALL), but of the "type"...BEST EVER for infants. Inglesina is another one of these "types".



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I also have the Jeep 3 wheel all terrain stroller and I LOVE IT! I've had 4 kids and this by far is my favorite stroller. I bought mine used from craigslist, but I'm thinking of getting a new one, just because I like it so much (I don't know how practical that is considering my daughter is 1.5 and won't be using a stroller for probably more than another year). And not because of size, my 10 year old doesn't even weigh 70 pounds! But because she's a very independent child who will not be contained much longer, I'm sure of it!
I suggest going and checking that one out. It's big, but it's FANTASTIC!
I think the Britax one (I looked online) seems overpriced for a simple stroller. I don't understand what you are paying for. I could see how you would be upset if you bought it and it wasn't what you wanted/imagined at all.
I say don't get it and check out what you CAN test drive at the stores.


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Depending on what type of single stroller you need will determine cost. We got an evenflo stroller that would allow us to snap in the carrier/car seat. That was purchased for us for I think around $200, but don't quote me. There are other strollers for lots cheaper if you want one with the basket underneath for a place to stick stuff. If you just want one to push your kid around in we got an umbrella stroller at Target for $10-$15. It doesnt' have a basket, but is great for my 17 month old that looks like she two.

You might want to check out Babies R Us and Target and see what they have.

Hope this helps,

Just realized that the majority of the stuff we have for little ones is Evenflo. I've been very satisfied with this brand.

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