Favourite Snacks of US Preschooler

Updated on November 16, 2010
R.S. asks from Cooperstown, NY
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Hi Friends ,

Next week will be our turn to bring in snacks for kids at my son's montesorri school ( they are aged between 3-6 years old ) . What are the most favourite snacks of US kids . Last time i brought grapes and granola bars , this time im not sure what to bring , it will be great if someone can tell me the favourite snacks of kids in this country ...


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answers from Norfolk on

Grapes and granola bars are good. Kids like those cheddar fish crackers, animal crackers or teddy grahams, too.

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answers from San Diego on

my kids like grapes and granola bars. They also like whole wheat bagels, apple chips, raisins, Craisins, Goldfish, pretzels, Ritz-bits peanut butter cracker sandwiches, cheese bits, string cheese, GoGurt (yogurt), CapriSun flavored water, smoothies, lemonade....

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answers from New York on

At my children's Montessori school, they gave the following snacks (provided by the school, not parents): graham crackers, goldfish crackers, raisins, teddy grahams (a form of graham cracker but you can get chocoloate ones or other flavors), fruit, carrots.

When I do kindergarten snack, which I have to bring in twice a year, we bring string cheese, gogurt (yogurt snack), apples, bananas, graham crackers, pretzel rods, and apple sauce.

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answers from Dallas on

As long as you steer clear of high allergen foods, such as chocolate, honey and nuts, you'll be fine. Kidddos that age are great with crackers, fruits, yogurt drinks...your previous choice was excellent. I'm sure it went over well, so you could just stick to that.

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answers from New York on

How about apple wedges dipped in chocolate, carob, or honey and then sprinkles or pretzel logs dipped in chocolate or carob and then sprinkles. Our school makes the pretzel logs and sells them as part of a fundraiser, it works out really well, the kids at all ages go crazy for them.



answers from Victoria on

My kids will go for ripe fresh fruit every time, but I do make a kid's trash mix that they also love, mix a little cheerios, pretzel stix, yogurt covered raisens, mini chocolate or (peanut butter- only if no allergies) chips, chex, and mini marshmellows, & if you can find it, dried fruit bits. Or popcorn was a big hit in my kids class. I bought that flavored powder stuff, two options, I can't stand it, but kids loved it. Hope this helps...



answers from New York on

Great suggestions. What about dried cranberries, dried appricots, fried plantain chips, sweet potato fries, pineapple slices or pears, in addition to the other wonderful suggestions by the other mammas.



answers from Atlanta on

Grapes and granola bars sound great! Have you received a list of guidelines from the school as far as any allergies, if they're "nut free" -that type of thing?

It's hard to go wrong with fresh fruit that's in season. Tangerines, tangelos, orange slices and clementines -already peeled and sectioned in a plastic container -would be good.

Crackers and cheese sticks, pretzels and hummus (I've found most kids LOVE hummus but many of them have never had it offered.), graham crackers or graham sticks, "Go-gurt" yogurt tubes -all of those are pretty popular. I don't know the school's policy on candy or sweets or whatnot, but the "fruit gummy" snacks are what EVERYONE wants at my son's school this year and last year. The ones in the little individual packets -sometimes you can get them in Toy Story shapes or a super hero and Welch's also makes them. They DO have 100% of the daily allowance of Vitamin C, but they are more candy than fruit oriented!

Another HUGE hit with my kids (ages 2 and 4) and all of their friends are Frut abu all natural fruit leather strips. We find them in the health food/natural foods section of our grocery store. They're 100% pressed fruit without food dyes, additives, added sugar, etc. They also love the 100% natural fruit leather bars and the Cliff Kids Fruit twists. Dried fruit mixes are also popular (and would go great with cheese and crackers). All of these things are pricier though. Pirate Booty -flavored puffed snacks also in the health food section -is HUGE around here. Kids will eat bowls of it.



answers from New York on

Avoid peanuts, lots of kids have life-threatening allergy to peanuts. Fruit is good, most kids love grapes.


answers from Los Angeles on

Don't go for favorites.
Stick with your previous excellent choice.
Grapes and granola bars are good.
Also little cups of applesauce, etc.
It seems to me the school might have provided
a list of appropriate snacks for moms to select from.
When your son is older,
I hope you'll have an opportunity to share with his class
some of the special foods from your own background.
At this age they're probably not ready to try new unusual foods
but in elementary grades, that might be a nice treat for is classmates.



answers from Washington DC on

When my now 21 yo was in preschool he wanted his favorite, Buddig sliced corned beef with cream cheese rolled up. I would suggest NOT bringing meat rollups to preschool. It didn't go over so well. :o)
So I have since learned that fruits, crackers, and puddings work much better.
Be sure to ask for the allergy list.

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