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Updated on August 19, 2011
E.E. asks from Laurel, MD
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I'm looking to replace my stash of sippy cups and bibs as the cups are beginning to leak and the bibs are starting to smell less than superb :) Any cup that you love?? My kids are 3.5 and 2 so they won't be using them too much longer but I like something leak proof for the car. I've considering moving to stainless steel water bottles so recommendations on those would also be useful.
Do you have a bib that you love that is wipeable, waterproof and can be thrown in the washing machine if needed to get out any residual smell from not drying thoroughly? I love the IKEA bibs for when my kids are little but they don't fit anymore. Thanks!

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answers from New York on

I love the playtex cups with a straw. There is a flip down cover to keep the straw clean and it NEVER leaks- even when my 22 mos old son shakes it or chucks it in the car! The whole thing is dishwasher safe, too. Can't help with the bibs- my son just rips them off, so we feed him in his skin :)

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answers from Richmond on

I never really used bibs (seriously!), so can't help you there...

The almost 4 year old should be using a regular plastic cup.

The 2 year old, I love the NUK brand sippy cups that don't use an actual spout, it's still spill proof but encourages the child to drink from a real cup :)

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answers from Omaha on

Hands down....Bumkins bibs. I had 3 that I bought and used for a year with my daughter and didn't need anything else!



answers from San Antonio on

I ended up making my own bibs to make sure they were big enough to actually cover the whole child. I even sold them for a while on ebay. I made them out of flannel...the spills would wick up/sit on top of the flannel instead of running down like on plastic. I liked the tie closes, but also made them with velcro.

I have no advice on the sippy cups we have several different brands and the all seem to work about the same.



answers from Norfolk on

i love these


no carbinated beverages though and if you put it in the dishwasher the plastic on the bottom of the cup may come unglued...i just hot glues mine back on but this can be a pain if you are set on running everything through a dishwasher. i have three of these though and only one has seperated like i mentioned. another thing is that walmart sells them in one size with characters only. i;ve seen a few at target that don't have a character at all and in a shorter fatter size. after a few months the picture that is on it will scratch/wear off though so don't get too attached to one because of the picture.



answers from Washington DC on

I use a Bumkins bib for my 3yo (yes we still use a bib, but he is soooo messy still). Check out their website: http://www.bumkins.com/

I used to see them in the store (I got ours at Babies R Us) and turn my nose up at them because they're a little more expensive than most bibs, but when I finally got one I found out they are sooooooo worth it, at least in my opinion. Easy to wipe up after eating and the pocket actually stays open on the bottom and catches the food when it drops. I think they're awesome. Wish I would have started using them sooner. :)



answers from Detroit on

bumpkin bibs.. excellent.. and my kids are 4 abd 5 abd we still use bibs for spaghetti and a few other messy foods.



answers from Washington DC on

I picked up some great sippy cubs at the grocery store, and just replace them when I need to. They're cheap, and last a few months each. They're Playtex. I also got some Baby Bjorn wipeable bibs on Amazon.com. They were a little spendy, but they're so durable and they will not mold and so far no smells (probably because they're a harder plastic type- instead of the "cloth" like ones)?



answers from Washington DC on

I agree that the Bumkins bibs are absolutely the best! I liked the short sleeved version that actually kept my kids' shoulders and collars clean too.

As far as sippy cups, my favorite is the Playtex Coolster tumbler. It looks a little more grown up than a regular sippy cup - in fact, it doesn't look that different from my travel coffee mug :) It doesn't leak at all and is even insulated so on day trips it keeps their milk or water cool a little longer.




answers from Richmond on

My son is almost 3 and I haven't used bibs in ages - do they still need them? As for cups, I tried to switch to the nice stainless steel BPA free bottles - he had a fit b/c the container gets so cold and he didn't want to hold it! Maybe just him - he can be a bit of an odd bird but something to consider!

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