Favorite Pregnancy Pillow

Updated on January 18, 2008
B.D. asks from Arlington, TX
5 answers

What was your favorite pillow you used( or are using) during your pregnancy?

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answers from Dallas on

Snoogle! I also got mine from Target. It is huge, though...like having a third person in bed.

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answers from Dallas on

Snoogle! I got it from Target. My husband and I nicknamed him Lancelot. He was my love during pregnancy...loved that pillow!!!



answers from Houston on

What ! A pregnancy pillow ! Does it vibrate - i'll take it !



answers from Dallas on

Snoogle! I got mine at Babies R Us. Also Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a pregnancy pillow (i think).

Are you looking to buy one? I still have mine with a cover that I used for 3 months. It is in perfect condition.



answers from San Antonio on

with my first baby i used one of those boppy (sp?) pillows, i had 2 one for me and one for the baby when he came, the second time i just used a big body pillow and kept the boppy for him.

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