Favorite Music for Your Preschooler!

Updated on January 05, 2012
B.. asks from Rockwall, TX
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I'm looking for some new songs for my son. Specifically, I'm looking for songs about seasons and holidays. It does not have to be a children's artist, but obviously child appropriate. I'm also looking for more songs in general, so share all your favorites. Thanks!!

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So What Happened?

We listen to all kinds of music. Mostly, he listens to wherever we are listening to. I should have been so much more clear!! I'm looking for songs, to go along with preschool curriculum. Songs that compliment learning about the seasons, holidays, and weather. Thanks for the suggestions, so far.

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Try 102 Songs by Twin Sisters. My daughter loved this set for years. She's now onto Kid's Bop but it's a little older and not topical.

102 Songs is great for songs you love to sing. You'll sing them all over and over. I highly recommend it.

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answers from La Crosse on

wish I could help with "kids" songs... my 4 year old loves Ozzy and Bob Marley lol ( Im not a fan of either one... all thanks there goes to my husband and oldest son... )

My 3yr old she likes the silly songs cd's. I found one that has 3 disc's in it and its a bunch of the older childrens songs. I'm pretty sure I got it at Wal-mart, but it has been years ago.. when my older 3 were little.

**I found it!

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answers from Dallas on

We listen to Imagination Movers. You might want to check out a few of their songs on iTunes. They have great Halloween, Christmas, Mother's Day songs and some weather songs. They also have general feel good about yourself songs. A great positive group for young kids.

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answers from Cleveland on

Justin Roberts and Raffi are our favorites

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answers from San Francisco on

The Beatles! There are CDs of songs specifically mixed for young children, think Yellow Submarine, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, etc.
My kids also really loved show tunes, Disney movie soundtracks (from Pinocchio to Beauty and the Beast, basically all the movies up to the mid nineties) anything disco/dance/techno and even the Nutcracker Suite :)

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answers from Washington DC on

We listen to country - Brad Paisley, Zac Brown Band, Taylor Swift

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My son prefers to listen to "dance music" typically it has no words or if it does I pay attention to them before letting him listen... I think he likes the beats.


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My girls listen to whatever we are listening to, 105.7 mainly, but they love Usher for some reason.. But my MIL gave us a 4 cd 102 kids songs.. I HATE it.. But I have to listen to it all the time. I don't know where you would get one of these but it has all kinds of songs, from the alphabet, to songs I've never heard before. But as far as seasonal songs I'm not sure what TV service you have, but AT&T uverse has music stations, and they have kids, seasonal, and all kinds.


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my kids love Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry. lol Sorry, no help, I know. But when we're home I sometimes put it on the preschool radio station on my computer or on my digital cable. There are tons of fun songs that come on. The tv lists the name of the artist and album, so if it's something they really seem tolove, I download it on the computer for them and make them cds. If you have digital cable, look for the music channels. There are a couple for kids.

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