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Updated on September 26, 2012
G.G. asks from Aurora, IL
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What is your favorite Iphone apps or even a game. I am looking for aps to keep shopping list, to do list, sticky notes, etc. Anything to help keep me better organized and a game or too for some fun. What aps should i be downloading. Anything anyone can advice to keep productive and on track.

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answers from Cleveland on

COZI family organizer has been my livesaver! It's a family calender that also stores shopping lists, and to do lists. The best news is that you set it up, and then everyone else in your family with an iPhone can have access when you give them the password, so they can have it on their phones too. So, you can make a shopping list and then have your hubby/wife/SO stop at the store on the way home. You can put your kids sports schedules or doctor's appointments, etc and everyone knows when everyone has things scheduled. My iPhone crashed and burned last year, and I lost everything, but because this calendar was shared, I still had access to it once I got my new phone! It was awesome!

I also love Shazam (push a button and it will tell you what song is playing on the radio, and there is a link to iTunes), facebook, pinterest, shutterfly (everytime you log on you can upload your mobile pics for free!). For games I like Songpop, Unblock Me and Flow Free.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have a few favorites.
Shopping List - it's called just that, exactly. There is a free version, and a version for a few dollars. I LOVE the more advanced one, and the reason is that more than one person can have it on their phone, and it syncs between them. So my husband and I can both add stuff to the list, and we both have the updated list all the time. I can even leave for the store, ask him to make the list, and by the time I get to the store he's put everything on it, and I have it. No more calls saying - hey, don't forget to add XXX to your list. Just add it to the list and the other person instantly has it.

MyFitnessPal - free app. I have a special diet for medical reasons, and it's easy to track everything I eat. I can even scan the barcode on items and it puts it in.

Entertaining the kids: Toddler Shapes, Grade 1 math, and the PBS Kids app. Good for entertaining the kids while waiting for foods in restaurants. All free.

Have fun!

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answers from Columbus on

I'm currently into Bubble Explode, iFML, and OTR Streamer (an old time radio app).

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answers from San Francisco on

Ha my friends got me hooked on Angry Birds and I got my husband hooked on it lol. Pointless game but for some reason my husband, kids and myself love those little birds.

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answers from Chicago on

Hey, G.! I hope you and the kidlets are doing well!
Grocery IQ is another shopping list you could look into. Like the others listed, anyone can add to it so the list is always updated. It also allows you to create lists for different stores - like hardware store, grocery store, etc, or even more specific like Target, Jewel, etc. And you can include the prices of each item you buy so it allows you to compare the prices at each place you shop to see where you'll get the best deal for each item. I THINK there's also a way to download coupons, but I've never actually used that aspect of the program so I can't say for sure.
As for adult games, I'm a huge Boggle fan. Crazy, I know. I play it anytime we're stopped a train or I'm waiting for the boys to finish one of their activities. And Chuzzle is another one. So addictive!
My kids love to play Angry Birds, Paper Toss, Grover Special, Talking Carl, and Cut the Rope. But here is a pretty good list of kids apps that a mom from my Moms group compiled for iPhone users with younger kids:
PBS kids
Duck Duck Moose
Thomas Activities
ABC Phonics
City Vehicles
ABC Song
Counting Lite
E flash English cards
Parents Flash cars
Gumbo Lite
I Birthday
Learn to Talk Sampler
Magic Match
Letter Quiz
Phony Phone
My First Apps (alligator apps)
Playgrounds (for us)
Ocean Lite (peekaboo)
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
Bugs and Buttons
TocA doctor
TocA house
TocA store
Body Puzzle ( this is harder)
Preschool Memory Match
Balloon School - kids can play a popping game which helps them master their numbers and letters and potentially colors too
Flash Cards and Flash Cards 2 - Flash Cards 2 actually has a match/memory game
Elmo's Monster Maker
Dora Rainbow Slide
I Write Words
Talking Tom - which is just an animated cat that kids can make do stuff

And some more from a blogger I follow:
Letter School ($2.99, view in app store)
Monkey Preschool ($0.99, view in app store)
WATCH Disney Junior (free, view in app store)
Zoodles (free, view in app store)
Taking Pictures With Dinosaurs (free, view in app store)
Battleship (free, view in app store)
PBS Kids (free, various game and videos)
iLoveFireworks Lite (free, view in app store)
Doodle Buddy (free, view in app store)
Flow Free (free, view in app store)
Barefoot Books World Atlas ($4.99, view in app store)
Write My Name ($3.99, view in app store)

I know your boys are a little older, so they may not like any of these. But your daughter may like some of them!

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

BINGO HD..who dosent like bingo! :-)

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