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Updated on May 03, 2010
A.R. asks from Milford, OH
7 answers

Due to some health issues, my doctor has told me that I need to get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Because I have work, kids and finances, I am unable to get a gym membership so I have decided to do a workout video each morning before going to work. Do any of you have an exercise video that you absolutely love and think really works? I have purchased only one video and it is Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred. I really like it but I wanted to add a few more videos for some variety. Thanks!!

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answers from Youngstown on

I like Joannie Greggains... we so her Belly toner it is only about 15 minutes and works!

I also like Richard Simmons ... haven't done those in forever!

We also invested in Hip Hop Abs... they are good and fun and work!



answers from Indianapolis on

Depends on what type of things and the intensity you like. If you like Biggest Loser stuff, you might try the BOOTCAMP or the Biggest Loser Yoga, if you like a little lower intensity.

HOWEVER, if you want high intensity, low time commitment workouts, try the INSANITY program. NO weights or equipment but VERY high intensity. It's kind of a knowck off of the P90X program. That one is good, too.



answers from Lafayette on

I love all of The Firm videos that I've done. They are awesome workouts -- some with equipment (like an aerobic step or something) and some without. Abdominal videos are great, too, because it only takes 10 minutes to really, really work your abs. When you pair that up with 15 minutes of cardio & some stretching, it's a good, quick workout.

Keep it varied & stay consistent. You'll see results and improved energy after 3 weeks of consistent work! It's worth it! =)



answers from Cincinnati on

Anything by Denise Austin is good. I have a few of her videos. I really like her Pilates ones but she has actual "work out" videos too. I need to get back into working out too!! Good Luck.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi A.,
Good to see that you are able to fit in exercising with work and kids. A free alternative is to go to you tube and search the videos there and book mark them so that you could go back to them. There are boxing, pilatees, yoga, cardio kick, and other workouts on there. It gives you a good variety and it is free. I also provide free exercise and fitness tips at my video blog at www.abingtonpsychology.com/blog if you are interested. Enjoy the workouts.
C. B., Ph.D.



answers from Orlando on

I love Turbo Jam and their is a 30 minute workout that really gets the burn on!



answers from Fort Wayne on

10 minute Solutions: Rapid Results Pilates. There are 5 sections, each lasting 10 minutes. You can do 1, all, or mix & match to create your own workout. It's great for a busy schedule

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