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Updated on August 19, 2008
A.P. asks from Overland Park, KS
4 answers

We are taking a trip to Disney this winter and would love some feedback on which resort to stay at. We've stayed only off property, but plan to stay on this time!

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answers from Kansas City on

We stayed at the Contemporary Inn. It has the monorail running through it and my kids got a real kick out of a train in their hotel.

This hotel has alot of price ranges - there are some lower building that are the least expensive, and then there is the tower.

The lake side of the tower is less than the side overlooking the Magic Kingdom, and the higher up you go in the tower, the higher the price!

Hope that wasn't too confusing... Anyway, have a FABULOUS time!




answers from Kansas City on

Don't know if you mean Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California - so this applies to Disney World.

We have stayed at Boardwalk, Beach Club, Port Orleans, Carribean beach, and Animal Kingdom Lodge. (I used to go to a conference every January there and it was paid for!) We LOVED the Animcal Kingdom Lodge. Every morning was like looking out the window at a zoo, they have special African programs in the lobby, and the food was very tasty.

Port Orleans and Carribean Beach were very similar - Carribean Beach had better pools. Boardwalk and Beach Club both sit by a "lake" and you can shuttle to Epcot via boat. (Same with Port Orleans.) Boardwalk had a better room, but Beach Club had better pools.

It really depends on how much you want to spend. We found the kids love the parks, love the pools, and really don't care about the room -- one thing we always do, though, is pay the upcharge for a refridgerator and do a liitle grocery shopping. We get cereal, milk, chips, bread, sandwich fixings, etc. and we only ate dinner out, which saved a bunch. Coming back to the room each day for lunch and a little pool time also made the trip a lot less hectic.

Have fun!



answers from Austin on

For us, money was a little tight so we stayed at the Pop Century. It was a great place, nothing fancy but we figured we wouldn't be spending much time in the room and we didn't! We had the Park Hopper tickets and the Disney Dining plan which I highly recommend so we were on the go most of the day and night. Shuttles ran about every 20 minutes and it was about 10-15 minutes to the parks. Each of the hotels have restaurants with plentiful food choices and snack options.

I think it totally depends on how many are in your party and the age of your kids. If you have little ones, you may want to stay closer to the parks and fork out a little extra money so you can easily get back to the hotel for naps and pool time (although we managed that quite well.) I've heard great things about the Animal Kingdom hotel.



answers from Kansas City on

Old Key West because they are like little condos. So you can get some food and stock up a little so you're not spending a fortune on their food. The buses come right to the resort and take you to which ever park you want to go to.

Have fun.

Lori K

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