Favorite Children's Easter Lesson

Updated on March 26, 2013
S.D. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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The teaching rotation for our children's church lesson has me with the kids on Easter Sunday. I usually wind up with the draw sometime leading up to this holiday, so I'm not worried, although we may be fortunate enough to have extra children in church next weekend.
I would love to hear your favorite lesson/crafts for the preK-3rd grade crowd. Resurrection eggs have been used repeatedly by others in the recent years, so I am looking for something fresh and beyond (or in addition to) a coloring sheet.
Many thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

I don't have anything for you, sorry. But I do have years of perspective.
YOU may have tired of the resurrection eggs but the kids haven't.
I teach the kids that have gone through your class, 1st and 2nd grade.
I ask them to tell me when the first come to my class everything they know about God. One kid kind of summed it up, "He wears brown sandles"!

What I am saying is that repetition is a good thing for the age, although wearing on the teacher. I don't want to discourage you in your teaching. I really want to give you a view of how little they remember at this age.
What you are really teaching is attitude. An attitude of joy, thankfulness, respect and honor, for which, all teachers, spiritual and secular, should show you immense gratitude for the effort and love you put into this.
Thank you!

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answers from Houston on

My son did a 3 Trees lesson one year in preschool. They made a manger out of sticks (make 2 x's, glue a piece of cloth in the middle and put shredded paper inside for hay), a boat with a sail (toothpick and a triangle cloth tied to it) and sticks glued to it, and then the Cross made out of sticks. The book depicts the life of Christ through the viewpoint of a tree who tries to find its worth. At 4 (or 5 I can't remember!) my son understood the lesson.

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answers from St. Louis on

take a look at Oriental Trading Co. They have crafts which may spark an idea for you.....

& I'm not saying buy the craft...just look for ideas!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I do Resurrection Eggs at home. I'm thinking about doing an Easter "godly play" you can see one on youtube.

My son just did a color chain last week. It came with a song and he liked it. (see wordless book song on youtube). He made a paper chain out of the colors to take home.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I don't have any Sunday school lessons for Easter because in our church children attend the service on Easter. During lent I have done some fun lessons. Last weekend we made cookies to distribute to homebound seniors who are members of the congregation. We have made Lenten Pretzels and done the pretzel prayer. There is an Easter cookie lesson you can google. We have made stained glass windows with construction paper and tissue paper.

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answers from Cincinnati on

You can find lots of lesson ideas as well as craft ideas for Easter at www.ministry-to-children.com. I use a number of websites to put together lessons for younger kids, and that tends to be the most useful website. Do a web search and you may find some good, free lessons. Also check your local library to see what they have available in books and DVD's you could use with the class. Good luck and have a blessed Easter!

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