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Updated on July 05, 2012
F.M. asks from Spring Branch, TX
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Trying to slim my belly a bit. I have a great app for calorie counting. I do find that I am hungry here and there. Curious what your favorite low-cal snack is. I crave salty more than I do sweet. But I like both. I don't keep cookies on hand. Not quite my thing. I'd rather eat one really good cookie than 10 crappy ones.

So - what's your favorite low-cal snack?

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So What Happened?

Sounds great! I know, most 'snacks' are 100 calories or more. But I have been looking at my meals - most are like 300 or 400 calories each meal. It's only been a few days so I am eating my regular foods, just smaller portions. I may have to do as suggested and cut the meals smaller and give myself bigger snacks. I like the carrots and hummus idea. Will check on the calorie count of hummus. I LOVE hummus. All I know is that I miss soda, sweet tea, and that second cup of coffee (sugar/cream). Maybe clemetines can satisfy my sweet tooth. I've never dieted. This is tough stuff!

Oh and Trader Joes - San Antonio is FINALLY getting one in October! Until then, Trader Joes near me.

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answers from Dallas on

50 calories really isn't anything and usually leaves me more hungry than usual. I had a calorie counting program once and a medium banana is 90 calories - I consider that a decent snack. I have done calorie math and divyed up crackers to make a set number of calories but you have to have will power not to "add" to the pot. I like fruit but because of the sugar most fruit has more calories than most would think. I would see about some carrots, broccoli/cauliflower, veggie combinations.

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answers from Cincinnati on

why not cut out another 25-50 cal from each meal and get a bigger snack? My snacks are 100-150cal or I am not satisfied.

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answers from Abilene on

I love carrots and hummus. I am with you, I crave the salty rather than sweet.

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answers from San Francisco on

Trader Joes has an awesome cookie called "Vegan Trail Mix Cookies." Ya, ya, doesn't sound very good I know but they are chewy and yummy and satisfying at just 130 calories each!
I also like the 100 calorie packs of Emerald Natural Almonds.
A banana is a good and filling snack, too :)

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answers from Seattle on

I rarely snack... Instead I save half my meal for later.


Pickles (ESP eggplant & beefsteak leaf pickles)
Chicken dog (just the dog)
Couple gyoza
1 inari
Tomato w/ pepper man
Cottage cheese w pepperman
Radishes and salt
Peas and salt (kosher for both)
Popcorn & nutritional yeast
Big bite of my Sammie I'm having later
Couple bites of greens
1 caramel
Flake off my 72% cacao chocolate bar (vahlrona or similar)
Couple strawberries
Small handful of cereal
Roasted white carrots
Roasted beets
Couple meatballs
Virgin bloody Mary mix
Spoonful of honey
Couple shrimp dipped in _____ (Harissa, chimichurri, etc)
Small handful of edamame
Baguette sliced toasted w basil
A few grapes (frozen)
Celery in any quantity (burns more digesting than it has)
Chocolate covered espresso beans
Couple mango slices
Jicama Sticks
Iceberg w pungent herbs
Sriachi sauce
Miso Soup


I used to (starve, can't say live) off of 400 cal a day. There's tons of stuff with little to no nutritional value... And even things with dense calories with just a bite or three only have a few.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I like clementines for something sweet - 35 calories. For something salty under 50 calories, I like Trader Joe's sea salt and pepper rice crisps. You can eat 15 of them for 47 calories.

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answers from Denver on

No such thing as a 50 calorie snack! Seriously, though, nothing you could eat for 50 cals is going to hold you over for any amount of time.
One of my favorite snacks that REALLY holds you over is an egg sandwich.
Use a 100 calorie Thomas English Muffin (or Aunt Millie's)
Microwave in a small bowl 2 egg whites with salt and pepper and sprinkle a pinch of Hormel Real Bacon pieces in (best invention EVER, those little bacon pieces!)
Spread a Light Laughing Cow cheese wedge on the toasted english muffin
The whole thing is about 160 calories, and is often my breakfast, or a snack in the evening.

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answers from San Antonio on

My 2 favs -

Salty - Popcorners. 1 oz serving is 150 cals. It's a LOT of chips.

Sweet - a single cup of sugar-free jello and 2 TBS cool whip free. 35 cals.

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answers from Houston on

i never counted hte calories but my favorite "salty crunchy" snack is either cashews or peanuts. Makes me feel WAY better than a donut or candy bar. Popcorn is low calorie and good for cholesterol if that's a concern


answers from Beaumont on

an apple. avoid flour and sugar & dairy and you will drop weight fast.



answers from College Station on

I love dried fruits and nuts, but not peanut. Quality nuts. Satisfies that salty, sweet craving.
Popcorn is also good, unless you are avoiding carbs.

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