Fatigue During Menstruation?

Updated on August 10, 2011
C.S. asks from Carmi, IL
12 answers

I have tried finding info online about this, but nothing conclusive or helpful came up. Every month I have one day during my cycle that completely wipes me out. This time it's been TWO days and it feels like this is going to be day 3 of this. It's driving me crazy to feel this way. It's never been this bad. All I can really manage to do is sleep and I'm still tired. I'm not anemic and am fine otherwise and on other days. Does anyone else experience this and know of anything I can do or take to help?

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answers from Washington DC on

Don't ya love hormones? GRRRRR

That's how I feel right about now.
Try a multivitamin even though you are not anemic, and drink lots of fluids. That helps me.

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answers from Savannah on

My fatigue experience is REALLY bad the day before I start, and the first day of menstruation. My bff is the same. It's all I can do to get off the couch on those days (which of course I have to do...but I'm really really tired and it seems like everything is a chore). Those two days are definately days that we have leftovers (or super simple) for dinner, and lots of activities that the children can do themselves or with minimal help from me. Good days to send the boys outside...
My bff is the same. I don't take vitamins all the time, but definately do take a vitamin and an iron tablet on those days, and that helps a lot. If I do those things, and drink a lot, I do have better days.

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answers from Detroit on

increase your potassium (mmmmm bananas) level a week prior, it really helps!!!

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answers from Richmond on

I get like that.. it's usually just ONE solid day of extreme fatigue, but once in a while a wrench gets thrown in my gears and it can go on for 3-4 days. It's far and few between, and I chalked it up to my body changing as I get older.

I've also noticed that if I don't give myself a real break on that first day, it almost always drags on for another day because I never gave my body time to recover properly the first time.

Go take a serious NAP ;)


answers from Biloxi on

Oh, I have at least one day during my cycle that I am just exhausted. I have no idea why, but it has been this way for years. I just go to bed super early on that day. Best when that day hits on a weekend and I can just give in to it - then I feel fine the next day.

I think it is just my body and hormones working overtime.

But, now that you mention it, I think I will ask my doctor about it when I go for my physical.

Try vitamin B12 - I find it makes me feel better.



answers from San Francisco on

I'm so glad you posted this question! I'm going through the fatigue right now and it sucks! Good to see all the suggestions here. I will definitely try the B complex. I usually get a whopper of a headache the day before too.



answers from Chicago on

I do too! I am taking vitamins and supplements but they seem to help very little. The hormones jut drop drastically at that time of the month and think that is why we feel that way.

It is happening to me today, I was just thinking how lucky guys are that they do not have to experience all that! In my next life I want to be a man!



answers from Amarillo on

When I had my periods I was not anemic until I started my cycle. The doctor diagnosed me low in iron and the tell tale sign was fatigue and that my fingernails had a blue tint to them. All I wanted do was sleep in the worst way otherwise I was fine the rest of the month.

So do get a good iron pill. My daughter craves spinach just before her cycle (lots of iron) and has my cramps. I sure wish she didn't but that's life.

Good luck to you. I hope you find something that really works for you.

The other S.


answers from Rockford on

I've noticed as I get older, my fatigue during my period is awful! It's like being pregnant for a day or two each month (I get the awful headaches, horrible, unbearable cramps and just plain icky feeling!) I have heard that B vitamins help w/ this...I am awful at remembering to take anything other than what will help control my cramps, but one of these days would like to see if it works! Good luck and try to rest when you can...haha!


answers from Dover on

I do, I do!! I've only really noticed it recently myself as well. It starts the day before I do & lasts for about 2-3 days each month. Usually I know I'm going to start the next day when my eyes are rolling up in my head by 730pm.



answers from Chicago on

Ditto...I am right there with you. Make sure during that time you are well hydrated. Increase your Bcomplex vitamins for a energy boost and get the sleep you need...I know it's awful but hang in there. If it persists or gets to the point you can' take it ....go see your gyn and be checked out to make sure it's nothing else.



answers from Dallas on

Two days before mine - wiped out!! I try to supplement with iron when "that feeling" starts to hit. I also have found b vitamins (b-12 specifically) consistently help with overall fatigue.
Hope that helps!!

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