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Updated on March 10, 2008
J.R. asks from Palm Coast, FL
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Has anyone out there gone on the Fat Flush Program? If so does it really work on those hard to lose pounds and cellulite? I am seriously considering doing it and I would like some input!

Thanks for your time!

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answers from Orlando on

I myself have not gone on anything like that but please let me know if any work for you.I am getting married in a few weeks and would love to know if any really work.
Thank you and hope to talk to you soon
mom to Abigail and full time Doula

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answers from Daytona Beach on


I have not tried this diet but wanted to let you know about my many years of experience with dieting. I have been overweight since 5th grade ~ Started trying diets in middle school ~ I would always lose rapidly and gain it back rapidly. I have tried many "fad" diets as I see them now called and after all these years finally come to the realization that "they" are correct.

The best way to lose weight AND keep it off is to do it slow...1-2 pounds per week. This ensures that you won't yo-yo back. It truly is a lifestyle change! Eating more often and a little healthier, getting as much exercise as you can which may mean just playing with the kids for an extra 30 minutes a day ~ Whatever you can do. I have lost 22 pounds this time (it's taken longer but this is more than I've lost on the other "diets") and I'm keeping it off. Doing it at 1-2 pounds per week has allowed me to keep track of what is working and what parts of my lifestyle change I'm enjoying more so I can do them more often.

God Bless!

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answers from Jacksonville on

I don't really know anything about it. However, I am a nutrition major and there is really no such thing as cellulite. The best thing to lose fat and keep it off is consistently eating a healthy diet, less calories, more calories spent by exercising. Most the time if you do these "weight loss cures" you'll gain the weight back soon enough.

good luck! I hope whatever you do really works for you. :)

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answers from Pensacola on

Fat cells never actually leave your body. That's why we have such a problem these days with obesity in young children. Those children will never have an easy road with their weight.
Once fat cells are created it's like adding a tiny balloon under your skin for each one. While you're overweight, the balloon fills up and you look fat. If you lose weight, the balloon is still there but you've let the fat out. That is why it is imperitive for people who have had problems with weight to change their lifestyle and not "diet". Look at the word diet... the first three letters is die. It is so much easier for people who have been big in the past to get big again in the future. Because the cells don't have to be produced. They're already in place and ready to store it away.
The only way to really lose weight and keep it off while making yourself feel better is by eating less and healthier and moving more. There's no magic involved.
A good strength training would help you with your goal. Get some resistance bands and free weights and learn some basic exercises. When you build muscle, it burns fat even when you're not working out. The easiest way to get the best results is to do each move very slowly and hold it for as long as you can. It doesn't take much time out of your day and you can do them in your own home.
I hope you consider a healthy alternative instead of doing the fat flush program. Good luck!

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Hi Jeanine,

Anytime you "flush" it's a good idea. Detoxing will remove pounds but not necessarily fat. Forgive me for getting gross, but most people hold layers of toxins in their intestines. With your intestines being approximately 10 times longer than the length of your body, just a small buildup can cause "weight." The flush should remove this.

As far as losing fat, if the flush works and your intestines are cleaned, then that should leave the absorption sites able to absorb nutrition instead of the yucky stuff. General nutrition should balance your weight.

Sorry if I didn't exactly answer what you asked. Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in!

Good luck to you...


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answers from Los Angeles on

I LOVE that you want to take better care of yourself. But the flush is not the way to do it. Like Mimi said, detoxing is great but you have to be careful. Many people detox then put the weight right back on. Many detoxes rob your body of the nutrients and vitamins that you so deperately need. If the program you are choosing does not have a nutrtional program, then don't do it. You can do more harm then good inthe long haul. If you are going to do it, do it right. Trust me, I know, I am a Cleanse Coach.

If you want a Nutritional program that will cleanse your body of impurities, please look at www.NewWayToCleanse.com/B.. I released over 40 pounds 2 years ago naturally by nutritionally cleansing my body. 2 Years later I am another 5 pounds lighter! WOO HOO!


B. B.A.;B.Ed.
Family Health and Wellness Coach

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answers from Ocala on

Don't know about Fat Flush, but you may visit my site "Health is your Choice" under diet and health and click on www.nutrition4you2.com and check out weight management.


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answers from Orlando on

yes it works, I did the fast track detox diet first. They are similar and both are worth it. I still use the recipes and incorporate them with my need for food. I love the both programs, just like anything else you must be committed and follow through in order to get the best results. Check out your resources thoroughly before making the committment also look at the rice diet program, by going to ricedietprogram.com, in some cases this may be easier because of the choices of foods. Good luck and let me know what you decided to do. im working all three in my daily life, its my way of living healthier now. B. R.

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answers from Gainesville on

Anything that will flush fat away is not good. When you loose weight that way it comes back double. There is no quick fix....it took you awhile to gain it and the slower you loose it the longer it stays gone. Exercise and good eating is the best way. More veggies....

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Hi J.,

If you are serious about fat loss, I recommend Bios Life Slim. It is all natural, completely safe and clinically proven effective. Bios Life was originally formulated in 1989, and has expanded from digestion, to blood glucose (for diabetics), to lower cholesterol 4 different ways, and NOW includes fat loss!

The new version is called Bios Life Slim and it contains all of the ingredients as Bios Life Complete (see www.BiosLifeComplete.com) which is listed in the PDR (physician's desk reference) with an added proprietary blend of plant based ingredients to focus on fat loss. There are no synthetic or herbal stimulants. Bios Life Slim focuses on leptin science (see www.hungerhormones.com for info on leptin).

This product doesn't launch internationally till April, however, I am part of an exclusive group that have the privilege to sell Bios Life Slim to you TODAY! We offer you a 90 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose BUT the fat.

You can simply contact me for more info. I am personally taking Bios Life Slim and I love it! I look forward to your reply.

J. Craig

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