Fat Feet and Shoes

Updated on September 25, 2013
J.S. asks from West Monroe, LA
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So, Im not being mean, but my son's feet are FAT! not wide, but thick from top to bottom. We had some shoes that I bought from stride rite that fit him (after searching forever he got his FIRST pair - well I actually bought 2 pairs of shoes at 9 months!) He is right at a year now and those shoes don't fit him! He still seems to be in a 5 length wise, but 5 wide doesn't work and a size 6 is too big!! Has anyone else experienced this? How do you shop for shoes? Its about to be cold, and I don't want him in just socks, but am really having trouble fining any that fit!

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So What Happened?

Just a little edit:
We have tried Nike, Sperry Chica (skateboard shoes), New Balance, and several off brands.

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answers from San Francisco on

We used Robeez for my daughter at that age. Her feet were like little cubes of butter - soooo fat! Anyway, the Robeez have a lot of give to them, and seem to be really comfortable for new walkers.

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answers from New York on

robeez should do the trick. They are great for non/ early walkers, if you feel you must have him in something.

Once he really starts walking, he'll slim down everywhere, and you can re-assess the shoe situation.

Good luck to you and yours,
F. B.

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answers from Grand Forks on

My younger son had the same problem and he was able to wear Robeez shoes and boots until he was three. After the age of three his feet kind of slimmed out, but were still a little on the fat side, so he wore skater shoes.

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answers from Portland on

I have 2 with the same problem. Luckily they make both boys and girls at See Kai Run, just make sure you go with the ones that have the stitches on the outside top of the soul, not the ones that look like every other shoe. Those will not work.


These are what you need. If you look you can see the style, I think they are called Loafers and the others are Bowling Shoes, don't get the Bowling ones, they won't fit. Actually, they won't even go ON!

We also got my daughter a pair of Wee Squeeks and she LOVED those, but then she outgrew them, and my son hasn't needed a new pair yet. I hope this helps. If you can find a specialty shop near you, you might be able to go try some on. Good luck! If not, they have a great return policy!

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answers from Jacksonville on

My kids feet were like that also. We did mostly stick to socks. LOL But, we live in the south and it doesn't get very cold for very long in the winters. And the only reason they need shoes is to protect their feet from stepping on things that can hurt their feet (think sharp objects or hot/cold surfaces). It is actually better for their feet (muscle development/balance) if they have soft shoes or no shoes when they are learning to walk (per my pedi at the time).

We ended up finding a pair of sandals for them, and they pretty much exclusively had the sandals on when walking outside for awhile. Then I think I found a pair of velcro skate style sneakers for them. It does eventually get better though. My son's nickname (from my brother) when he was 16 months old was actually "block feet". LOL



answers from Las Vegas on

my son has the same type of feet.. We have had good luck with the old school adidas, SUPERSTAR... they are leather and have a wider toe area... As for a soft sneaker, we like Saucony, comes in various colors and gives him lots of room, I also found that the sketcher shoe is a bit wider ... Puma was also another good shoe... KEEN is another wider shoe..


answers from St. Louis on

Have you tried new balance? I am pretty sure that was the only brand that worked for my oldest (fat feet and high instep!). Good luck!



answers from Stationed Overseas on

My son is like this to except he's two and running everywhere so it's kind of important that he wear shoes. I go to Stride Rite and only ask for shoes that come in extra wide or extra extra wide. They are very limited in store but if you go online they have a bit more of a selection. This is the only place I have found that have shoes that fit his feet.

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