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Updated on March 08, 2010
S.B. asks from Keller, TX
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We are having a very difficult time finding shoes(size 4) that can fit my 16month old daughter's feet. Her feet a wider width than most shoes and then to make it ever harder to find a good fit, her little feet are also fat (from the bottom of her foot to the top). Robeez soft soled shoes worked really well for a while, but they are even getting more challenging to get on her little chubsters. I have tried buying slightly larger sizes in shoes and that works ok until they stretch out and then they slide off and make her trip. We have also tried little boy shoes thinking they might be wider. Sandals seem to fit well, but sandals won't work for everything. We don't want to spend more than $20 if we can help it. Anyone have a brand or fit that works? TIA!

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So What Happened?

Looks like we will be headed out to stride rite! And fortunately enough we have an outlet store close by with very reasonable prices.! Thanks everyone.

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My daughter had the same problem. I bought crocs for the first year. They have mary janes that are really cute and they basically mold to the foot.


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Go to StrideRite. They know what they are doing and will make sure she gets the correct size with a little room to grow. Shoes are not a good item to scrimp on--better to spend a little more for a perfect fit at that age! Save $$ elsewhere--it's worth it. Then eBay the shoes as she grows....or after you have them fit your daughter...search eBay for the same exact size shoes!

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My 4 year old has always had "Fred Flintstone" Feet. We've had a lot of luck with Striderite sales extrawide. They always have shoes on sale so you should be able to find something under $20. Also, we stick to Velcro shoes, if they're a little snug with don't fasten them all the way over to give him some extra room. Good luck

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How about Stride-rite. They are having a buy one, get one 1/2 off. Do you know someone else who may need a pair of shoes and split the cost?

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You really have to go to StrideRite. If you buy them on sale, they will only cost between 30- and 40 dollars. Sometimes they have shoes for less. My son has wide feet too and the inexpensive shoes do not fit him at all. Now that she is walking you have to get her good shoes. If you buy only one pair instead of 2-3 cheap pairs, your daughter will be much happier.

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Both my kids had the same problem. I wish all shoes were made a little "taller".... Cheap shoes are just not happening in our house... and the cheap ones (easily available at Walmart, Target, Rack room, etc) are ALWAYS too narrow!

Look for shoes labeled "W" (for Wide). Land's End has a very good selection and saved us on many occasions. While you do have to order online or over the phone, you can return any ill fitting items to your local Sears store, and get the replacement item for no additional shipping costs.


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I feel your pain. My 7 month old wears a size 4 and the only shoe that works is Stride Rite. ugh



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My oldest son has XW feet, so I know what you are going through. Like the other moms said StrideRite. Try their outlet store in Allen (NNNW corner of Stacey and HWY 75) for better prices. Payless carries some wide widths, but they were never wide enough for my son's feet. Crocs do work also, but, like sandals, they can't wear them all the time!

Good luck!

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