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Updated on July 23, 2010
M.R. asks from Gilroy, CA
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Mama's, I've been with State Farm forever, but was very upset with a current situation. I am looking to Farmers, but have no experience with them. Would you recommend Farmers (auto/home)?

PS - I don't have a problem with my agent. It was the claims people, or whoever they are, that decided to at fault my husband for not injuring other motorist.

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So What Happened?

I have been with SF for over 15 years and took the policy over from my parents (so more like 25 years). They have paid all our claims over the year. However, their inept employees found my husband at fault for an accident where the axle broke and he avoided all commuters (rush hour in the rain) and other property. They claimed it was unsafe driving. Since his driving kept SF from having to pay damages to the state/county for the highway damage and multiple other vehicles and personal injury, they found him at fault (there would be many expletives in the above sentences, but I don't want to offend anyone). I've compared prices and they seem to be about the same. Even if Farmers is more, it's the principal. So SF can go F itself.

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I have had state farm for 20 years and love it. they have covered all my accidents and windsheild replacement. We pay very little in my mind for what we get out of it. I never notice my rates going up for anything.

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answers from Fresno on

We have Farmers for our home owners policy (Allstate for everything else) and they've been fine. No issues at all. Our Allstate agent has always been great to work with on our auto and life insurance policies.


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Heck no! Me and alot of people I know have switched to State Farm because you just can't beat their prices. Farmers prices are really high.



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I have had state farm for over 15 years and finally made a switch to Hartfard! I saved almost $400 a year on my home!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooo! Oh the richer benefits too. I sure spent my time researching and getting quotes. Farmers, Country, Alstate. Hope this helps. Bottom line is carefully compare coverage and prices I noticed many companies would lessen coverage to come down with a lower premium.



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I just switched from Allstate to Farmers in my area and absolutely love them. My agent is awesome. Ask co-workers or friends who they have and maybe you can find a good agent that way, I personally think going to their website is cold and impersonal. Good Luck in your search.


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The coverages are drastically differant from State Farm to Farmers. SF is way more comprehensive. Try your states insurance website for consumers. There should be a place where you can compare coverages between companies. They also have statistics that show how many claims were filed, vs how much was paid out and you can look at how many complaints were filed against each company. That should give you an idea of how well they handle claims and customers concerns. If you go to an insurance broker, they can get you several quotes a time. Try the Hartford and Germania. They have pretty comprehensive coverage.


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We had Farmers for over 7 years; it was a good company with great agents however the rates increased drastically up so we switched to State Farm...mistake. Not all agents are good have the best interest of the client in mind as this State Farm agent we had.

At first our rates we're reasonable but they kept going up and when we spoke to our agent all she would say is, "every client is seeing an increase because we are increasing rates across the board." First of all we have no accidents, no claims, good credit, two vehicles, both 35yrs of age etc. we should not be paying $295 a month. After 1 1/2 years of coverage we switched to Geico we received way more coverage and pay only $120 a month which includes our home insurance with Travelers.

We we're glad to switch and afterwards received angry emails, letters and calls from the State Farm agent ...oh well guess she has to find her commission from someone else now. Do what you can to get out from under State Farm even if it is Farmers; they are better than State Farm.



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I tried to swithc to Farmer's a few years ago, from State Farm. They refused to cover my house, saying I had too many claims. I have never filed a claim. They refused a letter form my agent stating I never filed a claim. It took 6 months and lots of letters of complaint to get my premium returned. I think the experience with insurance has a lot to do with the agent relationship as well as the insurance itself. I have a great State Farm agent and staff that really works to get me info I need or help sokve a problem.


answers from Dallas on

Get a reference for an agent, work of mouth is the best way to get a good agent.

We have been with Farmers over 15 yrs. Our agent is fantastic, hands on, always will answer a question we have. We've never had any claims.

We have everything with, home, jewelry and there are discounts for having them cover everything.

Before Farmers, we were State Farm. I was not impressed with our agent. We were new to the area and used the person the realtor suggested. I thought he was very rude.....I am compaining about an agent.... I was going over the auto, home and jewelry with him and I pay about $1000 a year to cover my engagement ring and he has the gall to ask me if the diamond and other jewelry was real???

I only signed up because we were closing on a home but we were only with them until the next time to renew came along and went with Farmers.

Good luck


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I have State Farm car insurance and love it. I have Country Companies home owner's insurance and HATE it. I think it all depends on your agent. With Country Companies we have argued with our agent, the adjustor and it has been a pain on both of our claims with them. It seems that we pay our bill on time every month, but when we need help they aren't very helpful (and this again maybe due to our agent). With State Farm they have always been helpful, but my parents have been with the Agent since he came to town 30 years ago. I just followed in their foot steps and stayed with State Farm.

My only recommendation is that you read your policy closly. With Country Companies they have hidden little things like if your roof has hail damage they won't pay to replace damaged decking. We have had several little things like that. With State Farm I'm sure they have hidden things as well, but our Agent always pointed them out to us. Our State Farm agent also pointed out that most drivers are underinsured so we took out more than the state requirement for car insurance, actually way more and it paid off when I was rear ended by an uninsured vehicle. I even tried to recoop the money in court, but they filed for bankruptcy and I didn't see a dime.

All companies have their up's and down's, but I think it all boils down to your agent.

I really hope this helps because my husband and I have learned a ton about insurance over the past few years. It seems to be one of those things where most people choose because of what their parents did, just like I did.



answers from Phoenix on

I have been w/ State Farm in the past and I am not a fan of them. Call an insurance broker and have them compare insurance companies rates for you. We use Brad Stallings [###-###-####] and have had good results.



answers from Sioux Falls on

Farmers is way better than State Farm! Make the switch! I work with insurance all the time. Farmers takes very good care of their clients. I am insured with them too, and they have been very good to me. They covered a claim that they did not have to, and my rates did not go up! I could not be more pleased with them!



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