Fancy Dress Ideas for a 4 Year Old Girl

Updated on August 05, 2010
R.T. asks from Sterling, VA
5 answers

can i have some ideas for fancy dress competition.

the dressing should convey a message , i mean when she is asked why she selected this dress to wear? she should be able to tell a message why she has choosen this dress for ?

any ideas?
also tell me if can make it at home or where to buy such costumes . please give me information , she has the show on saturday so its urgent.

i appreciate for your time .


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answers from Norfolk on

This reminds me too much of JonBenet Ramsey. I realize some people have fun with beauty pageants. From what I've read, the kind of costumes you are looking for are expensive. Try looking at flower girl dresses for weddings. A Halloween princess costume is not going to cut it in a competition. I'd go for a Shirley Temple look rather than the 4 yr old Hollywood bombshell. Just my opinion, but a sexy look on a 4 yr old is just wrong.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have never heard of a fancy dress competition. More details about the event would proably generate more responses. A beauty pageant is what comes to mind. If that is the case there are two types of pageants, natural and glitz. For a natural pageant your child can wear a store bought "Sunday dress.". However if it is a glitz pageant you may have a tough search on your hands. These can cost thousands of dollars. You can find them on eBay for less than retail. Good luck and happy hunting!



answers from Washington DC on

If she is to be asked why she chose the dress, then probably you should take her out to a childrens clothing store and let her choose a dress. Maybe you could point out things that she might like, and why, such as, this one matches your eyes, or this one brings out your skin and hair. Or maybe she'd see a dress that reminds her of a character she likes, like snow white. I'm sure the reasoning for the dress can be whatever is true, and it will be most appealing if your daughter means what she's saying and likes the dress. Hope that helps.



answers from Dallas on

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answers from Washington DC on

Don't know exactly wha tthis request is about, but what comes to mind is - do you have any dresses from your childhood? That would make a good story.

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