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Updated on April 09, 2010
K.H. asks from Spring Hill, KS
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Hello Moms,
I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find it on this new site! Ok, we're taking our 3 kids ages 7, 5 and 4 on our first family vacation to Florida. We're flying and then renting a house for the week. I'm just looking for any suggestions about these things - how to travel with the boosters (do you check them, have the kids sit in them on the plane?) and easy meals to fix without buying tons of ingredients. Any tips would be great!!

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answers from Kansas City on

You have some great suggestions, but I would definitely second the suggestion about slip on shoes. Wear sandals or something else easy to get on and off, because they will make you take your shoes off no matter what kind of shoes they are. Also, you can take empty water bottles, and then find a drinking fountain on the other side of security to fill them up at. They will also come in handy if you are visiting Disney or other parks where the drinks are extremely high prices. Also, check the booster seats... the kids can't sit in them on the plane. Also, in FL, all your kids are old enough to not use a booster seat, so if it's an extra charge to check the boosters you might consider leaving them in your car. We just moved to KC from Tampa, FL, and the child seat laws there are 4 and up can be in a seatbelt, so you would be fine without the seats. Hope that helps!

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answers from Milwaukee on

With the boosters check it see if whatever airline you are traveling with will allow that specific booster(s) to be used on the plane. The carseat I brought was FAA approved BUT guess what did not fit in the plane seat (every plane has different size seats). Since it did not fit we checked it at the gate and picked it up at the gate. If I would have know it would not fit I would have checked it at the ticket counter and not lugged it around. My daughter was 2 1/2 and did just fine in the seat, if you don't want to lug the boosters around check them at ticketing (I believe there is no extra charge for them, but call whatever airlines you are using first to make sure you are not surprised if they do charge).

Bring along various simple/small items for the kids (I usually just go to the dollar store and grab some cheap stuff like stickers, small coloring books, toys, cards whatever). I also allow my daughter to pick one drink and snack AFTER security check point, special treat for her.

Easy meals: sandwiches (PB&J, meat whatever you guys like best), frozen meals are usually the easiest to throw in the microwave or oven (I know not the healthiest but so quick and easy for when on vacation), spaghetti & sauce (if you have means of cooking it at the house), snack wise just get the small boxes of what your family snacks on. Drinks whatever you guys like most and you think will get used up in a week (gallon or half gallon, juice boxes).



answers from Fargo on

Have a great vacation! Last year we went with our 3 kids (ages 6, 4, & 2) and had a blast. As far as the boosters, they are not "airline approved for flying" so you'll have to check them. I'd do it when you check your baggage so that you won't have to carry them thru the airport just so they can get checked at the gate. (learned this on our vacation) As far as keep track of the kids in the airport, make sure you hold on to the 4 yr olds hand and always keep all 3 of them between you and your husband. Plan for extra time when you check in just so you don't have to rush thru the airport to get to your gate...makes it a lot less stressful! ***For going thru security, wear slip-on shoes! Makes it a lot quicker to get your shoes on and your kids after having to take them off.*** Pack pre-packaged snacks for the kids in their own carry-ons. Don't put bottles of water in there as they won't allow them thru. They can be empty and you can fill them after you get thru security, but you get water or pop on the plane which my kids LOVED.
That's all I can think of right now, but definitely remember the slip-on shoes for the airport! :)
Food wise - you'll have to see what kind of pots and pans you have at the rental house to cook with and then modify what you were going to make by that. I'd look at doing spaghetti, pizza, mac-n-cheese, etc. The things you make at home that use very few ingredients and are quick to make.



answers from New York on

Sounds like it will be a fun trip!
I have a four year old and we still bring a stroller for him in the airport so I can keep tabs in him easily and then when he is not in it we use it as a storage cart. We check it at the gate of the plane. I used to check his carseat as it is bulky,,,i would check the booster so you do not have to lug three of them to the gate and then the chances of them sitting in them at their ages is slim. As for food, of course a pasta diner one night would be the easiest. Fajitas also is simple with just meat, tortillas, sour cream, cheese and onions. Chix cutlets. Burgers and hot dogs. Esy fish on the bbq Good luck and have a great time!

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