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Updated on January 22, 2010
M.P. asks from San Jose, CA
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Where should we go on vacation in February?

We would like to take a family vacation in February, but I cant decide where to go. We are thinking someplace with a gorgeous beach where it will be warm. Does anyone have any suggestions? "We" are me, my husband and our two boys (6 and 15). The youngest is happy anywhere and the oldest is bored half the time (typical teen).

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my suggestion would be a club med. For boys that age there are so many things to do and so much fun to be had by the whole family. you could try ixtapa in Mexico. The younger boy could do the day camp and do arts and crafts, swimming, games and the older boy could do the bigger water toys and older kid/adult stuff. And the great thing is that your vacation doesn't have to revolve around going to restaurants for meals because there's always a buffet so you can stop in and grab a bite without it having to be a big deal.



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Hey M.,

All inclusive resorts in Jamaica. Highly recommend Beaches Negril. Lots to do for the kids & parents. Look up the resort on the website. Boscobel is another. WE normally do Beaches Negril. Will be there a few weeks. D.



answers from San Francisco on

Any place in the Carribbean would be nice and it would depend on how much you want to spend. I love taking my daughter on cruises. There is so much to do on a ship. If you decide to go that route, Carnival Cruise Line or the Disney Cruise are both geared toward kids. If you do the Disney Cruise you can go to Disneyworld before or after the cruise. There is also Cape Canaveral if your boys are into space ships. If you are planning it now you can make payments.

Or, you can go to Paradise Hotel in Nassau, Bahamas and stay at Atlantis Hotel. There are a variety of things for the family and they have a pool that is so awesome.

Good luck and enjoy.



answers from New York on

You should check out a Caribbean cruise. Teens love them b/c they can hang out with their peers. I recommend Royal Caribbean and Carnival -- my teen likes them.

Since you mentioned that you have a teen who is bored, why don't you send him (you too) to It's written by teens for teens/tweens and their parents. You can see where other teens like to travel to so as to combat the badittude. My 16 year old likes to comment on the stuff she reads there.



answers from Sacramento on

Hi M.,
If you don't want to go on a big vacation how about San Diego? You can even drive there and they have some really nice beaches. the weather is always warm even in February and there are things to do with kids even like Sea World, The Wild Animal Park which I prefer over the zoo there. However their zoo is nice too but for older kids I think the Wild Animal Park is good. The downtown is not a really big city so it's nice too. Just a thought!
Otherwise look into Riu Hotels. They are all inclusive and we have been to many in Mexico but they have them in other locations as well. The hotels are beautiful and the staff is always so wonderful! Good luck and have a great time!

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