Family Seeks Advice for Future Disneyworld Vacation!

Updated on August 18, 2008
T.B. asks from Hampton, VA
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My family and I are planning a trip to Disneyworld this July and would like some tips or pointers. Our last trip to DisneyWorld was back in 2000, so we need some updates. Any money saving tips? Any thing we shouldn't waste our time on? Or something we absolutely MUST do? Also, last time we were there we hardly spent any time at our hotel, so we decided to stay at a Disney VALUE resort. Has anyone stayed at any Disney Value Resorts? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!1

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answers from Florence on

We are also going in July. I would really appreciate if you would let me know what you find out. Thanks, J.

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answers from Spartanburg on

I worked for Disney, too, until I moved to NC 3 years ago. I worked in Room Service at one of the high end hotels. The value resorts are awesome. Very family friendly and the pools are too cute. Which resort are you at? Like Katy said, the ages of your children would really help narrow down great activities. Let us know!

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answers from Raleigh on

I used to work for Disney until I moved to NC and the value resorts are great if you plan on spending most of your time in the parks. However, they have polls and a cafeteria should you decide to stay in one day. I would recommend that you see everything but I know that is pretty much impossible unless you are staying an entire month. How old are your kids? That kind of narrows down what you can do and what you can't. Let me know and I'll be glad to help you in any way I can.

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answers from Norfolk on

First of all let me tell you that while I haven't exactly been to Disney,(it was too expensive) I did live in Florida for 10 years before moving with my husband. Most of the time i lived on the Space Coast area(Cocoa Beach, Melbourne just east of Orlando). Anyone that has lived there knows that for the best deals you don't stay at the Disney place itself. There are a lot of hotel just 5-15 min. from the park and are much cheaper!! I would also write or look on internet for travel package deals and I know each state has a book of travel cupons
(for VA it is green, and can be picked up at any visitor center!It gives big discounts if you check in with the cupon and most of them are close to the interstate and hiways)Kissimmee is a perfect spot that the locals enjoy when going to Disney for the weekend! It is 15 minutes and close to SeaWorld also! Good Luck I hope this helps and Have a Great Trip!!



answers from Charleston on

Hi T.,

My family was just there in May. My advice would probably depend on the age of your children. There we 4 children that went with us ranging in age from 4-13. None of the parents or kids were to thrilled with Animal Kingdom, so if you aren't getting a park hopper pass I suggest you skip that park. Also, little kids aren't going to LOVE Epcot so I wouldn't plan for a whole day there. A must do for the whole family is Universal Studios. By a pass to both parks for the day. It's GREAT.



answers from Charlotte on

ok lets see i have been to disney world every year for the last 6 yrs and i would like to say first is good luck going in July, i could never do it. I will only go to disney in Oct-Nov, or Jan til Early March. I havent stayed on property i have always stayed off. if you are planning on being in your room alot then find a little nicer hotel, but we only slept in our room so we went cheap on the room and splurged everywhere else. It is very expensive in the parks, so try breakfast somewhere cheap on in the room, bring snacks for lunch time and splurg on dinner, we always ate out of the park for dinner. The lines at the parks during the times we went never were over 25 mins in the summer they can be up to 2 hrs even in the magic kingdom. Also there is alot of stuff to do that is either free or cheap outside of the parks too. any other help let me know i am the budget queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [email protected]



answers from Charlotte on


Staying in a value resort is a great idea. I have stayed at both the Pop Century resort (Value) and the Coronado Springs resort (Moderate), and the hotel rooms were EXACTLY the same. The only difference were things like shops, pools, etc. which are things we didn't really use.




answers from Raleigh on

Check out the website The best advise I can personally give you is to bring your own water/drinks and snacks, ie granola bars, etc to pick on during the day. It will save you a fortune. The kids always need a break in the afternoon (not to mention some downtime for you)so get out of the park and grab a late lunch or early dinner before heading back into the park for the night festivities. Have a great time!



answers from Roanoke on

My best advice would be like someone else mentioned, take you snacks and drinks with you. That was the biggest money saver for us. We also had food in our room(one time with a cooler to keep it cold and once we had a mini-fridge in the room. We had cereal, bread, lunch meat, other sandwhich fixens, and drinks so that we could eat at least breakfast and another meal in the room and then splurged for one meal a day in the park.
Also staying at a Disney hotel is the best option in my opinion. I have done both on the property and off, and being on was the best. No driving, parking or any of those hastles. Plus it makes it nice to quickly return to your room if you forget something or if you just need a little break. Also staying on the property allows you to benifit from the Extra Magic Hours where you can enter early or stay later at different parks on different days. These were nice because it was generally less crowded during these times.
And I don't know if you did it before when you went but I would recommend adding the park hoper option to your tickets especially if you are staying at least 3 or 4 days. It is nice to be able to spend maybe the day at one park and the evening at the other.

Hope that helps and Have a GREAT time!!!

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