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Updated on December 02, 2011
M.D. asks from Washington, DC
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So we are doing our family pictures again in January. Last year I was able to color coordinate us easily and it looked great! The boys wore light blue button ups with white v-neck sweters and my daughter and I wore white. My hubby skipped the sweater on his :). But it looked great! And I get a lot of compliements on it..

So what other colors can I do that will look good. I want the focus to MAINLY be on us as people, but we need to look good together too. I was thinking to go with red? We've done that before and it was nice...but it was kind of bold. So what other colors can you do that aren't overly bold, but look good?

What have you done with your family?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone!! We did red when my youngest was born and I love those pictures...but I'm not sure if I want to do it again. Maybe. I like the little POP of colors. That could be FUN!!

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answers from Santa Fe on

I've seen photos where everyone wears black with a black background that look great. The same with white on a white background. Any color would look great really - all shades of green or purple or brown. We are doing a family photo with everyone wearing red this year. We are going to use a mottled brownish background (the warm tone that most photography studios seem to have).

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answers from Des Moines on

For our Christmas pictures last year, we wore mainly grey. I wore a a dark charcoal- like sweater, my husband wore a lighter grey sweater and my son wore a similar color sweater as my hubby but his had some red on it as well. I wore a bright red necklace to compliment the red in the sweater. It looked really cute and the small amount of red was just enough to pop!


answers from Dover on

Brown and tan, black and tan, black and white (maybe with an accent of red)



answers from Washington DC on

we have never color coordinated for family pictures (well once for the grandkids we did, but only for the boys, my two wore light blue and my nephews all wore yellow polo shirts) otherwise we all just wear something really nice that we like and are comfortable in :) I'm not really a big fan of the "everyone dressed alike" look :)

Although one time I did make my hubby wear something he's NOT comfortable in ... his dress uniform LOL

I personally prefer to have everyone show their own personal taste, as long as it's nice and somewhat dressy :) This year for holiday cards we're going to pose in front of our new house, I'll be wearing my Lynne Swann Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, hubby will probably wear one of his San Diego Chargers jerseys and the kids will wear whatever is warm :)



answers from Chicago on

We did our first "family photo" session this year, and we went with dark purple/maroon (mostly because that was the only color dress we had for my littlest one!). I think it turned out realy well. Sorta festive but not too bold.



answers from Washington DC on

I love the look of red with black. It is bold, but I think it gives it a professional feel. Since it won't be christmas, you could go with dark blue and gray, but you mentioned you did blue before. I love putting together the outfits for pics and I usually go based off one of my kids outfits that they already have in their closet so I don't have to buy anymore clothes. For example, for our xmas pic my youngest had a white and red jumper (he's 2 mos) so I made all of us wear red or dark gray or white to stay with the theme. Have fun!



answers from Portland on

My daughter had family pictures taken and she used colors that complement each other. I don't get to see the pictures until Christmas and so I don't know what colors she used. I think there is some turquoise and red.

Look on a color wheel and choose colors opposite each other. Those are called complimentary colors. Here's a site that teaches the use of colors.


answers from Phoenix on

When my ex and I showed up for our engagement pics, we both had on red. The professional photog said OMG, you wore red!!! this was 15 years ago so I don't remember "why" but I guess red is not a good color for some reason. I hope you find something that works!



answers from Washington DC on

I personally hate the color requirement, but suffer through it for my in-laws. One year they made us wear white. As a pale blonde, I looked like casper the ghost. Why not do holiday wear? It will look seasonal and coordinate. We are doing another pic on saturday with the in-laws and they are having everyone wear blue jeans, the older boys are wearing navy shirts, the little boys wearing light blue shirts, the baby girls wearing light pink and my daughter the only older girl, is wearing dark pink. I don't know how it will turn out.



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I like muted colors on people (unless you are at the beach!).

What about a dark maroon? Those are easier to find this time of year.

Walk through Kohls and try to find a dress for your daughter or you and then pull from that. Dresses are the hardest to find. Also look for whatever color seems to be'll find more of it. We did that for a wedding we were going to. We started with my dress (the hardest) and pulled colors from it.



answers from Norfolk on

one idea is to go to jcpenny and look in the cateloge they have in the studio of many of the sessions they have had. it will give you ideas on how to dress and what colors will look good. also if you see a pose you like just remember it for when you go and tell the photographer. if you don't want to go in the store and look go to photo places web sites. they usually have a similar area that shows you sessions they have done. you can also see their backgrounds and choose which will look best with your outfits for example dark colors and dark backgrounds wont look great in most cases. good luck!