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Updated on March 25, 2011
S.M. asks from Zanesville, OH
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I know Halloween is a long way away, but I like to plan ahead. My husband and I want to do a really original theme this year. Our son will be almost 4, and our daughter will be 10 months. We thought about going as the Simpsons, because that would be relatively easy to recreate, but I don't really want to paint the baby yellow, and we don't have a Lisa. It would be cute though! I'm trying to come up with ideas for the 4 of us, and possibly a way to decorate our double stroller as part of the theme too. I'd thought about my son dressing up as a pirate and the baby could be an octopus, and make the stroller up like a ship, or a fire fighter and a dalmatian puppy, and so on. But I'd rather do something where we can ALL dress up. Also I'd rather piece together things from ebay and thrift shops, instead of spending a ton on an officially licensed costume from a movie or something. Ideas please!

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answers from Cleveland on

My family went as bowling pins & a ball. My husband and I were bowling pins and my son was the ball. It was great. We got a laugh at every house.

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answers from Dallas on

I love homemade costumes! Your post made me laugh because I was just in the car brainstorming with my son. Last year we all went as Ghostbusters, not sure what we will do this year. Check out this website... People post their creations and explain how they made them. Some are over the top amazing and some aren't that great, but can give you some ideas. GL!

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answers from Tampa on

How about the Flintstones? Last year my husband and I went as the Rubbles with our baby as bam bam. 1 child can be the kid, the other the family pet :) Incredibles is another possibility although they had 3 kids.

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answers from Muncie on

Pirates is a good idea. Your husband and son are pirates you're a mermaid and baby is a octopus.

Flintstones/Cave people. You and your husband a cave couple, Baby is a dino and your son is a cave kid.

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answers from Houston on

My sis did Goldilocks and the 3 bears one year.

The pirate thing is cute too, she did the baby as the parrot on the shoulder.

Peter Pan crew is good for a family, (Hook, Tink, Wendy, Peter Pan, Smee...)



answers from Hickory on

how about make the stroller a horse, and everyone dress as cowboys/ cowgirls....
make the stroller a train and everyone dress as engineers...
all could be zoo animals or something, the possibilities are endless, just takes imagination...



answers from Denver on

Some really cute ideas. How about a family of ducks - simple, but I saw a family one year like this and it was so cute!


answers from Kansas City on

i can't believe i'm the first to suggest - a family of hippies! i don't know what you could use the stroller for (or just decorate it like a hippie van with lots of peace signs and flowers on it) but you could definitely hit up thrift shops etc. i totally thought someone would have said this - i think that's what we're doing this year! (for our halloween party - my son is will be 5 so i am afraid i will have to compromise and let him do a transformer for trick-or-treating lol)



answers from San Antonio on

Some friends of mine are awesome at doing this and have done so with their family of 4 as far back as I can remember. She is super crafty, and has made most of the outfits, but they were nothing really that out there. Here are some of the family of 4 ideas they have done:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Smurfs (She was Smurfette, and the other 3 were other ones)
Dora, Diego, Mami and Papi
Zoo animals (each one was a different one)
Yo Gabba Gabba
and last year they were the Fresh Beat band from Nick jr.
Have fun and good luck!!!


answers from San Antonio on

Before I read other answers, my first thought was the Flinstones too. You could also take your son's favorite movie and go with that - ie. You be Jessie. Your husband Woody. The kids could be Buzz and/or Slinky Dog (do some ears and paint a brown nose?) or any other character.



answers from Dallas on

Royalty - the stroller could be a tower and your daughter could be the princess in a tower. :)


answers from Sacramento on

I am also looking ahead to Halloween this year! I have 2 boys, who will be 2 1/2 and 1 in October. I want to go as the Imagination Movers... I like the group ideas! We were also thinking of the boys being Batman and Robin, me at Catwoman, and Daddy as the Riddler! Google "family halloween costumes" :)



answers from Chicago on

boys can be trees (brown sweat suits with leaves pinned on arms and in hair.
girls can be flowers (green sweat suits with flower petals around face.


boys can be dogs (again colored sweatsuits with ears/tails and facepaint) and girls can be cats (gray sweatsuits with ears/tails and facepaint). Then you can 'chase' each other up and down the street!


boys are football players
girls are cheerleaders


boys are priests
girls are nuns


The only movie idea I would do is the little mermaid. Dad can be Triton, you can be Ursula :-( daughter can be Ariel and son can be that crab, who is adorable.

Have fun!


answers from Bloomington on

How about Woody (Dad), Jessie (Mom), Buzz (son), Mr. Potato head (daughter).
Mr. and Mrs. Potato head and 2 tater tots.
Wizard of Oz lion, witch, little tin man, and little Dorothy.
You could each be a different color of M&M



answers from Los Angeles on

You can go as a family of super heros. We did that last year. My kid picked what Hero they wanted to be and my husband and I went from there. He dressed as Spiderman with the boys and i went as Super Mom...I put on a utility belt I made out of linkable toy rings. I attached a bottle, toys, a few snacks in plastic baggies, some juice boxes and wore a cape. It was a big hit and the kids actually used the snacks and drink all up by the end of the night. My parents even got into the act and went as made up heros too. My dad went as Fix it Man. He wore just jeans and a white work shirt with a tool belt, suspenders, a hard hat and a cape. My mom went as Hot She wore red tights, a red shirt and made a skirt from just torn pieces of red, orange and yellow material to look like flames. She also wore a cape and cut out two flames and pinned them in her hair. Everyone got a big laugh out of how creative we were. Most of the things we used other than the boys costumes were things around the house or at the very least easy things to find for cheap. Well you've gotten a lot of good ideas from everyone. I hope you have a great time with whatever you decide.

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