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Updated on April 12, 2010
S.R. asks from Owingsville, KY
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I had what I thought was a miscarriage last fall and then the exact same thing seemed to happen this fall. I was late so I took a pregnancy test and it came up positive and then a few days later I would start bleeding. The first time my OB said it was probably just a miscarriage and no need to worry unless I had further problems so they did not run any test and just said to keep trying. This fall they did a vaginal ultrasound and blood work and said that there was no sac and my HGC levels were less than 5 so they determined that I was never pregnant. I think I am pregnant again but I am afraid to take a test again to ultimately be disappointed. Has anyone every had these false positives before and/or do you know what could cause this?

Side note: I take Singular and Zytrec everyday for allergies - I have been told these are okay while pregnant. I also take a prenatal vitamin everyday. When I went in the last time the nurse practioner said that she didn't think these things would effect a pregnancy test but I just wondered if anyone else had trouble with other medications effecting pregnancy tests.

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answers from Huntington on

According to my OB/GYN and Allergist, Zyrtec and Singulair are fine with pregnancy. I shouldn't affect a pregnancy test.

I agree with the writer who said you had what is called a chemical pregnancy. I have had this happen to me as well.

Best wishes.

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answers from Jackson on

I have been there...oh...SO MANY TIMES...and I can say my heart goes out to you. My son was born in 1990. LOTS of troubles while pregnant but he's here and healthy (for the most part, he asthmatic) and now, grown. We wanted another baby. So, it took us 8 years and 8 months to achieve my daughter. I went through LOTS of infertility treatments and lots of heartbreak. I learned a lot and one of those things is you CAN NOT get a false positive test. False negative, sure. But if the test reads positive, it's picking up HCG...it's there. It there's not enough and you are pregnant, you CAN get a false negative and need to test again. A positive is a positive. Period. Then you have the grieving portion of it all. I had multiple losses before, even one at 15 weeks and he had a name and a bedroom, clothes and a big brother who wanted him as much as his Mommy and Daddy did...but he's an angel. In May of 1999, God blessed me (us) with the spunky-est little girl I believe ever created...and I wouldn't change her for the WORLD! And, in October 1999, I had a complete hysterectomy. It WILL work out...just remember you are not in control...God is. I wished I had remembered that years ago. My daughter knows she has 2 brothers. Her one who helps with her homework and drives her to cheerleading and the angel one who never got to be born. I hope this helps.

I am a Working Full time, mother of 2 great kids, although one's grown, he lives at home, Hubby is in law enforcement and my mother also lives with us due to her health. (after typing all that, I'm glad I have all the support and help I do have!)



answers from Raleigh on

Sounds to me like you are having chemical pregnancy. It's much more commom than people think. A chemical pregnacy is a term used for a very early miscarriage. Many of these pregnacies/miscarriages go undetected because without a positive test you would just think it's your period.
False positives are extremely rare. If you got a + pregnancy test it was because the hcg was detected which means that you were pregnant.
Chemical pregnacies can be caused by many things. Some of the most common are problems in the fetus, problems with fibroids, hormone levels or short leteal phase (the leteal phase is the time from ovulation to onset of your period and needs to be at least 10 days long for successful implantation. the average woman has a 14 day phase)
There are some tests that can be done to help determine why you are having chemical pregnancies but most docs won't do them until it is documented for several cycles.
I would suggest getting your hands on a copy of the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. It is an owners manual for a womans reproductive body. It explains in user friendly detail how your reproductive system works and what can happen when things are off. Some techniques learned in the book can might help you figure out what is going on.
Good luck. I have had several chemical pregnancies along with several miscarraiges after pregnancy has been well established (as late as 13 weeks) so I KNOW how hard it can be to see a + test and then get your period. Hang in there!!
OH and your normal hormonal changes that come along with the onset of your period do NOT have any impact on a pregnancy test(refering to another response to your question)



answers from Lexington on

what brand of test are you using? maybe that's the problem if you've used the same test both times. just be patient for a few more weeks and then maybe schedule a blood test at your doctor's office, they are more accurate than otc pee sticks. also if you are testing around the time you should be having your period, but are thinking your preggo, it could throw off the results because of the homone flucuations associated with having your period.



answers from Nashville on

You could have a problem with not enough progesterone to support the early pregnancy. If you think you are pregnant now then I would go to your doctor immediately and ask for both a pregnancy test and a progesterone test. If you are pregnant and your progesterone level is low they can give you Prometrium supplements to support the pregnancy. I used them when I was pregnant with my daughter and she is now a happy and healthy almost 4 year old. I had 3 "chemical pregnancies" before that. I don't care what the doctors say to me they were still my babies and I loved and grieved for them.
I would also get a copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. It is the best book I have ever read about women's reproductive systems. It can teach you how to chart your fertility symptoms to either conceive or prevent pregnancy. I used her book and website during my fertility treatments and I knew I was pregnant when it was too early to test. I plan on using it to teach my own daughter when she is old enough.



answers from Nashville on

I know this is a late entry but I just want to iterate that you should probably talk to your doctor and have some tests run, because it could be a simple hormonal imbalance that is making you miscarry so early in the pregnancy. Just my two cents.

K. C



answers from Louisville on

Years ago before I had children I also had several false positives. At first they said I had misscarried but after the second one they did more test and found I had never been pregant to begin with. I was told my hormone levels were messed up and that I would have a hard time getting pregant. They were wrong. I have 6 beautiful children between the ages of 37 and 13. After I finally got pregant the first time I never had a problem again. Never give up hope.



answers from San Francisco on

Imagine I have kind of had the same thing happen to me! Well we been trying to get pregnant for bout 5 months now and every month I get my period as normal. Well I am on my second month with no period. Went to the doctos for headaches adn they gave me a precription for migranes. The pharmisistist said this medicine cannot be taken if your pregnant, I said okay. Have not taken any since I got it, becasue no period and I wantened to test before I started to take them. Well got the frequent urge to go to the bathroom, changing color of the areolas (darker) so I took and early EPT test whole I was peeing on the stick it turned to a postive! OMG my smile grew from sid eto side :), Still to this day have not gotten my period, but went to the hospital the other night becasue I wanted to get an ultrasound was a little impatient waiiting for my appointment. Well come to find out all my test came back and said negative, HCG, Blood and the ultrasound and pelvic ultrasound could not find any sign of pregnancy and there are no infections either. But then got home and took another EPT test and was postive ??????? Confused someone please could you help?? This is to weird



answers from Nashville on

Something similar happened to me. The doc told me to come in immediately at the first sign, I did and things were fine. If I were you, I would go to the dr and pee for them, they can tell more accurately.
If I were going to get pregnant, I wouldn't take zyrtech or anything... you never know what they can do. And just to be on the safe side, I would let them go and just deal with the allergies till after the baby or after breast feeding. I would also start taking prenatal vitamins NOW so that you can have all of that in your system.
Good luck.

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