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Updated on December 20, 2013
H.T. asks from Chandler, AZ
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So,My older sister is crazy. So she moved in and she had a 11 yr old and 6 yr old. and they honestly always never went to school.She was arrested 3 times (US calling the police) so about a few weeks ago,CPS came and she slammed the door in there face and left.Then CPS found her in a hotel and toke her children.Her daughter still texts me that she is happier. Anyway for the last few nights,shes been harrasing us.She has been calling non stop.Then after I put my son down for a nap, CPS came. We talked.She also tried talking to my daughter (I mean seriously,shes 3) That was 2 days ago.I have not heard anything since.
Has anyone made a false report to CPS aganist you?
If they did,what did you do?
EDIT:OK she is poor.She has no were else to live,Yes i was pregenant but she was SUSPOSED TO BE THERE FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME!! I love my sister and she really had no were to go,she has young children.She is single.I called the cops, yes but those reasons are none of your buisness!!!Gosh why did all these mom become so rude.Goodness i came here for an answer. Besides if you were stranded with no were to go,I am her only sister.I had to.CPS toke her kids away and called CPS on me.So I asked a question.If you dont like it then dont answer its as easy as that.

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answers from Washington DC on

WHAT? You were pregnant and had your sister and her kids move in with you? REALLY? You allowed someone in your home (even if they are family) who has been arrested 3 times (for what???) and now CPS is showing up?

So does CPS want YOU or HER? They came to YOUR house because she lives with you. So what is the question? I'm sorry your post has confused me.

How does a false report to CPS equate in this puzzle?
She left your home - went to a hotel and CPS tracked her to the hotel? WOW...this must be good.
Who has the children now?
Why did you NOT take the kids to school or go with your sister to enroll them?
Where is your sister?

I don't get this question. Sorry.

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answers from Atlanta on

No, I've never had a claim against me.
Sorry, I'll answer any question I please. If you don't like my answer? That's your problem, right? And we wonder why things are so wrong in the world.

This is one of those posts that makes my brain hurt. it's all over the place. Let me see if I got this right...

a. your sister is older than you, she has two kids.
b. your sister is crazy and you allowed her to move in with you.
c. while living with you she was arrested 3 times.
d. while living with you the kids never went to school.
e. you called CPS on your sister, they showed up, she slammed the door in their face, she left and took the kids with her to a hotel.
f. CPS tracked her down to the hotel (how did she get the money for a hotel??) and took her kids from her.
g. at least one of her kids has a cell phone (who's paying for that?) and contacted you on it.
h. now in retaliation, your sister has called CPS on you?
i. now you want advice on how to handle CPS?

I wonder - with the tone of your post - will you take the advice given or just make catty remarks because people can't follow your ill-written post?

I realize that she is family and you wanted to help her. Did you set up house rules or did you just take her in? If you had no rules set up, that's your problem. When my sister came to live with us, there were rules set up, expectations, etc. family or not. She was here for 6 months. It went well because we talked about our expectations, rules, etc. For example, I have 4 boys. She's an adult. I'm not going to have men spending the night at my house. Not what I want my boys to see.

What do you need to do with CPS? If they are checking you out? You need to cooperate with them. Allow them into your home. Answer them truthfully. They are not expecting a perfect home, but they would like to see it SAFE for children. If you are in fear of losing your children? Hire a lawyer.

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answers from Tulsa on

I had a friend with a troubled little sister that would do anything for attention. When she was around 12 she got angry at her parents, so she told her teacher that her dad attacked her (they never even spanked their kids). The teacher called CPS, as she was legally bound to do, and a case was opened to investigate the family. The case worker came to their house, interviewed both children and the parents, and looked at the home. They did periodic visits for about 6 months, and then when they found no evidence to substantiate the claim, it was dropped. So, the best thing you can do is continue to care for your children, keep your home environment clean and safe, and distance yourself from your sister. While you love her, continuing to allow her to interact with your family could cause big problems as every complaint (false or otherwise) filed against you will add up and keep you on the radar. Best of luck to you, and her children.

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answers from Reading on

"If you dont like it then dont answer its as easy as that."


How about, if you don't like the answers you get on this page, then don't waste our time. The way you describe it, it sounds as though you called CPS on her because you were mad at her, not because of any valid reason, which would explain why she did it back. It sounds like a juvenile spat between sisters, and without additional information, no one can help you. Either way, people are asking for more information because it affects how we answer your question. No, CPS has never been part of my life in any way, shape or form.

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answers from New York on

Years ago I'd always watch my friend's kids during the school year when they'd have a snow day, early release, or vacation day. I was home at the time and they'd have to work so I didn't mind at all. Some days there would be my 4 plus an additional 6 or 7 children. We'd have a blast playing on those day.

I had a dispute with a renter (totally my fault because I actually expected her family to pay the agreed amount for rent each month and would ask for the rent if it wasn't paid by the 10th) so she waited until it was a day off from school and called cps to tell them I was running an illegal child care.

They showed up to speak with me. I gave them the first name and phone number of each parent and they called 2 people to make sure I wasn't being paid. I explained what caused the complaint and they wrote up their report and left. Never heard another thing.

They have to check out all complaints so of course they are going to come and talk to you. Once they determine that there's not an issue they'll leave you alone. They understand that cps can be used incorrectly by people but their first job is to make sure that children are in a safe, healthy, and happy household.

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answers from Phoenix on

I am so sorry that there are rude people who leave messages here. I appreciate that you were trying to protect your sister's kids, so you called CPS. And her daughter is happier, so that's good. You were kind to your sister to let her stay there, but sometimes you have to make them face consequences so that they can learn to be responsible for their own lives. I'm sure your sister was trying to get back at you and that's why she called CPS against you. Just keep calm and explain the situation to the CPS. They should understand. If you get threatening emails from your sister, keep them and respond responsibly. Emails and texts can be used in court for or against people. Thanks for trying to help her family. You're a good person. :)

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answers from San Francisco on

There is really nothing you can do but cooperate with them. They will see that there either is or is not a basis for the complaint and will proceed accordingly.

As for your sister making threats, you should get a restraining order against her. I know you are trying to help her, but you really aren't. Take it from a recovering addict - the more you do for her, the more she'll need you to do. If you REALLY love her, you will take a tough love stance with her. Let her hit HER bottom - not YOURS but HERS. Everyone's bottom is different. In your sister's case, she has already had her children taken. Let her experience homelessness and what it is to live in a shelter.

I know you're trying to be a good sister, but now is the time to be tough.

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