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Updated on July 06, 2011
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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Without using Tinkerbell, anyone have some fun party ideas for a 4 year old's fairy party? It's 4 months from now, but it's on my mind and she's adamant that that's what she wants. Besides dressing up as fairies, I'm lost.

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answers from Washington DC on

at my daughters birthday we played "pin the crown on the princess". You could let them decorate their own cupcakes with fairy dust (sprinkles). They could make fairy wands. I didn't read other responses, so I hope I am not repeating anyone!

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answers from Cleveland on

we were at a party and the mom had 1-2 inch fairy cut outs ( maybe could use large stickers on cardboard, or confetti type stuff that is about that size) and scattered them in the yard and gave the girls bags for them to go almost on an easter egg hunt for the fairies.

There is a cute cute cute cook book about food for a fairy party, sorry don't know the title, i think they did something with pretzel rods dipped in choc and coated with sprinkles.

is this to close to tinker bell, play hot potatoe with a stuffed ball that you put a bell in so it jingles when passed.

probably buy wings cheap and let them gussy them up with ribbon or stick on jewels there is your craft and take home goodie.

have fun

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answers from New York on

You could make wings into a craft. Get them wings at the dollar store some sparkly stickers , feathers, sequins, stuff you can glue onto the wings with glue dots. Wands too to cast their fairy spells with. Sounds cute

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answers from Dallas on

there are wings & skirts at our local dollar store.

you could print out a fairy & wings to play pin the wings on the fairy

they can paint a fairy on a plate or cup or on a pot & put some seeds & dirt in

you could do a mini tea party little mini cupcakes, & tea or juice



answers from Chicago on

at the dollar tree they have fairy / angel wings. you could get some stick on jewels and let them decorate the wings.


answers from Los Angeles on

You didn't specify if you were looking for a fairy party on a budget, but I found sites for just that! They have ideas for making your own fairy placemats, fairy crowns, fairy wings, fairy wind chimes, and fairy food suggestions (tea sandwiches and fruit.)
Some of the ideas are in links to the right of the article.

Fairy parties on a budget.

Found some adorable no-sew tutus here!

More fairy party ideas.

A Fanciful Fairy Village Cake made out of pound cake and decorated with candies and cookies.

And I have seen fairy sets with wings, a wand and a tutu at Dollar Store on occasion : )


answers from Chicago on

Maybe play "Pin the wings on the fairy"

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