Fairy Mural Painting

Updated on December 07, 2006
A.V. asks from Katy, TX
4 answers

HI! I am hoping to find someone affordable to paint a mural in my daughter's room. Maybe someone who can paint and wants to make some x-tra cash. Nothing crazy, maybe a castle and some fairies. I am looking to do a fairy theme in her room. I am at my wits end trying to find some "fun" fairy ideas. I found someone in the Katy Magazine. However, she was a bit tooo high. She wanted a min of $500 to come to the house. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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answers from Houston on

To be honest thats not really that much, does that include the mural as well..i know that cant be just her coming to look at the wall..lol, and are you wanting the entire wall? I think i know the company you are talking about and their work is awesome and well worth it. Really if you want it done right and to your liking your going to have to dish out the money. I have a client that had a mural done and it cost about $2000.00, so if they charging $500 then thats a steal.



answers from Houston on

If you have access to a projector its pretty easy to do your self. My neighbor used to do them. All she would do was make a copy onto a transparency and them put it on a projector (If you know any teachers maybe they can let you borrow it) Then you can paint it in yourself.



answers from Houston on

An old friend of mine does murals. http://www.lassberg.com/



answers from New York on

Well, I understand you. I had the same problem when I wanted one done for my daughter.. but I love to draw and paint, so I decided to do it myself.. and it came out great. I haven't done it for anyone, but I did a castle for my daughter's bedroom when she was smaller.. I have pictures of it I can foward for you. I am an artist by heart, but don't do enough of it. I have focused more into photography, so that is what I do now. But if you want to see a sample of my drawings, etc. We can talk about it, and perhaps you can pay me after it's done to make sure you like it. I'll throw in a photo session if you want? www.CristinaEgbertsPhotography.com


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