Failed My Glucose Test!

Updated on May 12, 2011
A.C. asks from Waynesville, MO
18 answers

I'm 28 weeks prego and I found out that the glucose test I took this morning is a NO-GO! :) I failed! Anyhoo, I'm wondering if any of you took it a 2nd time and passed? Also, are there any of you that failed again and ended up with Gestational Diabetes??? I'm not stressed about it because it's going to be what it is. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

I took the test again which absolutely sucked because it was the 3 hour one and I PASSED!!! Thanks for all the support! :)

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answers from Spokane on

With my second and third pregnancies I failed the screenings and aced the tolerance tests ;o) Actually, with my third pregnancy, the first time I had to do the fasting test they tested for the WRONG THING! So I had to go and do it again! But at least I found out my *liver* was working just fine! hahaha.

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answers from Kansas City on

I was a flunkie with both my boys, and I passed my 2nd test both times. It is not the most fun way to spend a morning but also nothing to stress about. Hang in there!

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answers from Lansing on

With my first daughter, I failed the first one and passed the second one. Sucks I had to go through with the 3 hour to only find out I was ok, but ah well.

Also, with my second daughter, I passed the first one with no problems the first time.

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answers from Chicago on

My second pregnancy I failed the one hour but passed the three hour. You're right so it is what it is. Best wishes.



answers from San Francisco on

With my daughter, I did the test twice since my mom had diabetes - once during 1st trimester and another at 28 weeks. Both times I failed my glucose test. Both times I had to do the 2nd round (the 3 hour tests), but both times, I passed the 2nd round.

Good luck!



answers from Louisville on

I had gestational diabetes. My OB/GYN sent me for diabetic counselling where I was taught what to eat and how to test my blood glucose. I didn't gain much weight the last trimester, I think mostly because you have to really watch what you are eating and it makes you eat "better" rather than choosing junk food or less nutritious food. I kept in mind that it was best for me and the baby to do what I was supposed to do so it wasn't really hard to stick to the diet. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I wanted a big bowl of ice cream!! But, keep thinking about your health and your baby's health, plus you don't want to be trying to pop out a 10lb baby! Good Luck! You can do it!



answers from St. Louis on

I had gestational diabetes with my second child. It's an inconvenience, but not the end of the world. Nutritional counseling is must because there is a delicate balance of carb intake that is not just important in general, but also at different times of the day.

The good news was that I only gained 13 pounds compared to the 35 pounds I gained with my first child. The first think I asked for in the hospital was a Snickers bar!


answers from Milwaukee on

I failed the first test BUT the second test I passed. Everyone is going to be different, personally I think I was boardline through out so even though I passed I watched everything I ate carefully and worked with my doctor to create a "diet" that was healthy for me.



answers from Columbus on

I failed both mine and had "borderline" GD. Like others, I tested my blood 4 times a day and watched what I ate. It wasn't really all that hard.

I was a normal weight before and during pregnancy but found that I dropped a quite a few kilos on this "diet." I didn't stick with it after I had my son as both of our glucose levels were fine. However, I still think this is a great, healthy way to eat. I should probably try harder to get back to eating that way as people who have had GD are much more likely to get type 2 diabetes later in life.



answers from Chicago on

With my first pregnancy I passed the 3-hour. A friend of mine also passed the 3-hour.



answers from Phoenix on

With my 2nd pregnancy I failed the 1 hr and passed the 3 hour, with my 3rd one I failed both. I had to take my sugars and be on a pill. Also they monitored the baby because they tend to be bigger if you GD. Unfortunatly the diabetes did not go away and I am borderline Type 2 now. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

For my first pregnancy, I failed both tests and was "diagnosed" with GD. It wasn't too bad...just had to check my blood sugar in the morning and after every meal. I was able to manage just by controlling what I ate (although toward the end they were considering insulin but decided not to since I was so close to my due date at that point).

This time around (I'm currently 26 wks), I passed the first time. :)



answers from New York on

A., 1/3 of women who take the one hour test "fail" it, and only 4-5% of pregnant women have diabetes. This test is no guarantee that you have diabetes and if the doctor or lab didn't tell you of the high "failure" rate, they withheld valuable information. I "failed" with my first pregnancy too, and my 3 hour was totally normal. This result is absolutely not a reason to panic and your result is in no way unusual - one in three pregnant women experience the same result, but only about one in 20 or 25 has GD.


answers from Los Angeles on

I failed my one hour and passed my three hour. I blame my granola breakfast for failing my first. I ate eggs before i took it again.



answers from Los Angeles on

My first pregnancy I failed the first one and then passed my 3 hr one. My second pregnancy I passed the first time. I know a lot of moms who failed the first time and ended up passing the 3 hr one so don't worry yet



answers from Chicago on

I failed my first and the three hour and was diagonsed with GD. At first, it's a shock and you're scared to eat anything. If you do have GD, meet with a Nutritionist ASAP so she/he can develop your meal plan. Basically you will need to cut majoirty of your carbs out and sweets are totally out. You'll need to eat a lot of protein with your carbs to help with sugar in the carbs. The plus side, once you get use to it, it's not that bad. And it's easier to lose weight after you have your baby. It's bascially how we should all eat anyway, but now you have to for the health of your child.



answers from Fargo on

I failed my first test and passed the 3 hour with a perfect blood glucose.


answers from Houston on

My friend did. She forgot that she had a piece of chocolate candy right before, so the numbers were skewed. The next time she passed just fine.

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