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Updated on January 27, 2008
R.M. asks from Seneca, SC
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I would like to hear about any experiences you have had with facebook, good or bad. I have a friend that is wanting me to join but I am always reluctant. I caught part of 60 minutes last night where they were talking about it and some of the things they were saying made me glad that I haven't joined at this point. Would love to hear your experiences with it.

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answers from Macon on

I have both a myspace and a facebook account. Myspace really isn't safe. I have gotten 3 viruses and way too many spyware programs than I can count from it. I had to get a special pest program in order to use it without all the spyware being attached to my computer. If you want to join one definitely go for facebook. They have a lot of neat applications you can add. Facebook is totally ok for adults. It's just when children become involved with it that it becomes a problem. It has definitely been great to reconnect with old high school friends I never would have found.

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answers from Charleston on


I don't personally use facebook but i do use myspace. And people always have bad things to say about it. Honestly, i think it's all in how you use it and how smart you are with it. I have my profile set to private as well and i have never had anyone creepy try to contact me or anyone even so much as send me a message. Good luck and I hope this helps.




answers from Columbia on

I personally am not a member but, I have a friend who was. A few months ago when she was having computer problems at work she had to call for technical support and while she was doing what the guy was telling her to do to fix the problem, he started talking about where she was from and where she went to school and other personal information. When she asked how he new all of that he said he had just put her name into Facebook and was reading her info. at that moment. I thought that was rather creepy. Be careful.


answers from Charlottesville on

Any site is what you make it. I have been apart of facebook for a while now..It used to be JUST for people with school email accounts but recently gold sold and now it is open to anyone.

Facebook is similiar to myspace, msn myspace, yahoo 360, live journal, and many other sites. So as far as what is "good" and what is "bad" ...again it is what you make it. There are DOZENS of sites all similar each with their own "main" thing.

I personally LOVE to play Orgon Trail on facebook. :)

Just dont upload nude pics or answer the questions in a "bad" way and you are good. People have to request you and you can make your profile private just like myspace (facebook was first to do that actually..)



answers from Atlanta on

I have a facebook and a myspace. I don't use facebook as much because I have found it to be difficult to navigate. I haven't had any problems with either account. I only talk to people I know. Set you page to private except friends only you know.

Hope this helps

B. M.



answers from Spartanburg on

I love facebook. It is much more private than myspace and it's up to you how much information you put on any of these sites. It's a great way to reconnect with people and to keep in touch with those who are far away. Facebook seems much more positive than myspace, as far as what you have to look at when you're logging in or out, advertisements, etc.



answers from Spartanburg on

I'm on both Facebook & Myspace and much prefer Myspace. I've reconnected with so many old college friends. I haven't gotten the hang of Facebook yet, but I'm getting there. More of my friends are on Myspace anyway. I've kept my Myspace page public, as a tool for my friends to find me and I haven't had any issues, either. Like others have said, it is what you make it. Good luck & have fun!



answers from Atlanta on

Don't use facebook, but I use Myspace which I think is suppose to be same thing/along same lines.

I like myspace b/c I can "catch up" with friends from high school and college. I don't search out a lot of people so mine is just family and some friends. My step daughter has a myspace account too and seeks out people to be her "friend" just so she has a large number of "friends" on her page.

however, I have heard that if you don't have your personal page set to private (only viewable by your friends - have to accept as a friend 1st) then anyone can look at your info and change it or use that page for their own (get email messages sent to them from your account). I've not had this problem and my page isn't private. Of course I don't have personal info showing anyway (no age listed, no town listed, no state listed, only my first name shows up, no names on the pictures I've posted.



answers from Athens on

I do myspace. I really like it. You can set your profile to private so that only your friends can see it. I think it is the same way w/ facebook. What did 60 min. say? I am curious to know. Send me a persnal message and let me know. I haven't had any trouble on myspace and I only allow people that I know and I don't put my address or phone no. so I think I am pretty safe. As long as you are smart about it you should be okay.



answers from Savannah on

I've been on facebook for a while now and haven't had any problems. I have been able to reconnect with friends from college and even high school. I caught bits and pieces of the 60 minutes segment on it, but missed the negative things they addressed. What were some of them?



answers from Atlanta on

I'm not on Facebook or MySpace, Sorry but I think if I want someone to know how my life is or how my family is I will either email them or send something old fashioned (a letter). I don't think it's a good idea to have these spaces for folks to look at and even if you put it on private the people looking at it have to have some password to communicate with you so there you go why not just email your friends yourself if you have something to say...I just don't get into it sorry. Wish you the best on what you decide.



answers from Atlanta on

I'm a college teacher and all the students in both HS and college are on Facebook--it started as purely for educational institutions and recently opened up to those who don't have .edu email addresses. I joined it because all my students are on it, and it's a great and fairly innocent way of keeping in touch. I also joined Myspace because my former students were on it--it seems to be more popular with the 20-30'ish crowd, but there are increasing numbers of us older folks on there. I've never had any concerns about either one, and although I prefer connecting to people by email, most of these younger generations prefer keeping in touch by Facebook or Myspace, so I go where they go!

Recently, some of my old HS and college friends have found me by Facebook, so it's clearly become popular for the 40s-50s crowd now too.

Hope this helps!



answers from Atlanta on

I have both a facebook account and a myspace one. I do not actively use the facebook, just because I enjoy myspace better. Like everyone else explaned, you can set it to private. I have older kids and we use this as another way to keep in contact. It is especially nice since we all live in different states. You can upload photos and share them and read little blogs that everyone writes. I really like it and see it as a benefit.

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