Face Wash for a Teen Boy

Updated on September 02, 2011
C.B. asks from Dublin, OH
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What is a good, easy to find, easy to use, face wash for an older teen boy? He has a small amount of acne, but not too bad. I use a facial system (cleanser, toner, moisturizer), but he will not do all of that. I've already tried and I would like him to use something other than just a bar of soap.

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answers from Las Vegas on

gotta say, I used to use that proactive (years ago) and it did a good job.. it wasn't too drying like some acne washes can be.. give it a try. I also liked the face mask because if you didn't want to use it for that, it also doubled as a zit zapper.. meaning, you just put it on the pimple and leave it over night. it really seemed to help..
nowadays, you can buy proactive at a kiosk at the Mall..
best of luck

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answers from Washington DC on

Neutrogena makes a facial wash that contains salicylic acid and that seems to help my daughter's face without being too drying. Using it twice a day helped her mild acne. I can't remember the full name but it's Neutrogena brand, is "grapefruit" and is in a clear pump bottle. I hope he doesn't mind using something that is a darkish pink because...well, it's pink grapefruit extract and that's the color of the face wash!

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answers from Dallas on

Tea Tree Oil Face wash is pretty awesome. I never used it as a teen, just within the past several months and find it's a better cleaner than pretty much anything else I've tried.

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answers from San Francisco on

My 11 year old boy uses Noxema. I bought one of those travel sized ones and it fits nicely in his medicine cabinet. He is using it and he sees the difference in his skin now. Last night he even mentioned, "Mom, those bumps on my nose are going away!!"

Good luck and best wishes for a fresh faced teen!

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answers from Detroit on

Arbonne's FC5 for Oily skin for mild acne or Arbonne's Clear Advantage for more advanced acne. Both are made with all natural ingredients. PM me for info on how to order. You are right soap isn't the best thing for acne or clear skin either.


answers from Lynchburg on

Hi C.-

My teens have had a great deal of success with the walmart 'house brand' of apricot facial scrub (even the boys request it...lol)

Eldest son did the proactive stuff for a while...but that got pretty pricey!

Best Luck!



answers from Cincinnati on

Mary Kay makes cleansers for teenage skin. Also ointments for acne prone skin. I am a MK consultant if you need one.


answers from Jacksonville on

I use the Clean and Clear 10% Peroxide. I've used it for years and really like it!


answers from San Antonio on

www.acne.org I buy all my stuff from there, except I do buy a SPF moisturizer from the store. The cleanser is very gentle, but it won't do him much good if he's not willing to moisturize. At least on this acne.org website, it shows videos of the maker of this product putting it on his face. So maybe your son would realize it's not all that strange taking care of your skin.

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