Eye Twitching During pregnancy...normal?

Updated on April 01, 2010
L.F. asks from Tyler, TX
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I am 22wks pregnant with my second! For the past ten days my left eye has been twitching. It's not a usual muscle jump you feel from time to time, but rather a constant twitch. Could this be related to pregnancy? I wasn't too concerned so have not called my dr. But, now that's it has been going on so long wondering if I should call tom? Thanks for any advice!

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answers from Los Angeles on


I had that too..Then I eat nuts and it helps me all the time. Have no idea why...Maybe you want to try them too...

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answers from Miami on

I am 33 weeks pregnant with my second child too and my eye has been twitching every day on and off for the past three weeks...Dont know if its related to pregnancy but not sure what else it could be



answers from Seattle on

OMG... that drove me absolutely nuts!! (<laughing> And I'd forgotten completely about it!!) If it's the same thing (essentially the normal muscle jump but c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y. Aaaaargh.

I did eventually go to my doc (like you said, it's annoying but not appt annoying until it just doesn't stop). The ran some blood pressure tests... and a few others to rule out anything serious... and my final dx was pregnancy.

What eventually worked was that I was JUST starting school at the time and was taking a nutrition class. My prof mentioned that every time a muscle fiber needs to flex it uses calcium, and that every time it relaxes it needs potassium... and that potassium and calcium both "need" magnesium. So on a quirk I went home, at a few banana's & had a spinach salad (spinach is high in all kinds of trace minerals, including k & )... waited for a miracle. Nothing. But several hours later my eye stopped twitching. Oh yeah. Digestion.

As long as I kept my potassium levels up not only did my eye stop twitching, but I found a lot of my general soreness went away as well. Not all, wish I could say, being pregnant is still something of an affront to one's comfort level... but a whole lot. Ditto (and true to this day), I have a lot more energy when my calcium intake is high, and relax easier when my potassium levels are high. AKA, combining the two is good.

While vitamins theoretically provide all of the vits/mins we need... they just don't absorb very well for most people, and some worse than others. Whenever *possible* because healthy food WOULD be expensive, try and meet most of your dietary needs via real food sources. Vitamins are better than nothing (especially if you're broke!), but food sources are a gazillion time better in most cases.


But I would (as always) recommend seeing your doc. Both to have the "make sure it's nothing serious" thing, as well as to run by any major changes in diet.



answers from Dallas on

Maybe potassium deficiency or stress related-tic



answers from Dallas on

I got that too, towards the end of my pregnancy. Like week 38. My mom SWORE that the baby was coming, because she went into labor right after that was happening to her. it wasn't true, not for me anyway, and certainly not for you! Just wanted to add my experience too, how strange that so many women experience this? I guess it must have something to do with a vitamin deficiency, given that the baby takes so much out of us :)



answers from Norfolk on

You should ask your doc about this.. but I also had weird things happen to me during pregnancy- its prob nothing- but it could be somthing related to your blood pressure- call your doctor!! hope all goes well for you!! <3



answers from New York on

I did not research that issue, so I don't know if it is related to pregnancy, but I remember having that, too. It was the first pregnancy for me and I think the twitching on the eye started in the 2nd or 3rd trimester...



answers from Sacramento on

Are you really tired? My eye starts to twitch when I am really tired, and gets progressively worse unless I get some serious sleep. I know that due to the lack of quality sleep during my pregnancies I had eye twitching for both of them. But since it seems to be constant, I would definitely ask your doctor. Hope it goes away. That can be very bothersome.



answers from Sacramento on

Ha I had eye twitching for a whole month and then I found out I was pregnant:) I had EEGs & MRIs lined up because of it,,,but I also have MS so they were thinking something was up with that....At about 8-10wks the twitching stopped for me!! My theory was it was the influx of hormones and maybe even some sleep deprivation issues. i would just bring it up at your next visit to your OB, until then I wouldn't worry about it too much!!!

BTW congratulations motherhood is so awesome!!



answers from Dallas on

Not only did my eye twitch but it crossed lol! Very weird when it happened...only lasted about 30 seconds and both times twitching was before birth and my eyes crossed within a week after birth...since your body takes everything from itself if you are not eating properly, it probably takes the minerals needed for those muscles as well.

Another wonderful thing to tuck away in your pregnancy hat lol!

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