Eye Rolling

Updated on April 14, 2007
J.P. asks from Bellaire, OH
4 answers

Ok this eye rolling is without the attitude that occasionally accompanies it. My son has been feeling like something is in his eyes lately...he rolls them alot and blinks hard every so often...at first i thought it was alergies...the weather has been crazy ...but it doesnt really seem like it. His teacher told me today that he was real lethargic one minute then silly the next.....hes 7 so silliness is normal and his sister is sick today with a cold so its possible that his being tired is a sign he is getting a cold too....but its the eyes that i am really concerned about. We have an eye doctor appnt set up but it doesnt seem to be soon enough..any advice is appreciated.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Hi! I believe that some kids develop a sort of "tick" that they eventually outgrow. This is just my opinion though. My sister used to stretch her mouth out like a yawn all the time when we were little. My brother, who is now 10, makes this little coughing noise all the time that drives me nuts. I think that sometimes it may just be because they're bored, or maybe a little shy and it gives them something to do to distract them from those anxious feelings that shy people get when other people are around. Who knows....I'm just saying that it may not be anything, so try not to worry about it too much while you're waiting for him to see a doctor.



answers from Lexington on

have you tried lifting up his lid and looking under it? he could have a piece of dirt or an eyelash stuck up there that doesn't want to come out. if that is the case, try flushing his eye out with some saline eye drops. if the drops won't dislodge it, you might need to take him to the ER becasue is tehre is some thing in it that's not removed it could cause damage to his eye. i got a peice of rust in my eye when i was little and had to put ointment in my eye to help dislodge it and prevent infection.



answers from Evansville on

That sounds weird. If I were you I would be taking him to his pediatrican in the meantime. The part about him being lethargic scares me a little. But who knows what's wrong for sure. Maybe his eyes have a tear production problem. Maybe he's got a virus of some sort that is making him dehydrated, including tear production?? Let us know what happens and good luck.



answers from Louisville on

i dont want to scare you but it sounds like a certian type of sezure called a grand mal... while they are not convulsing on the floor they get quiet and space out. i would call the doc asap!

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