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Updated on August 02, 2010
M.G. asks from Seminole, OK
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Ok. SOMETIMES i get to wear makeup.if my 18 month old daughter allows me to. if she gets up early it doesnt happen. so when i get it on i want it to stay. my eye shadow doesnt stay around. does anyone have any ideas on how to keep it on? before baby i always wore makeup and know im good to get my hair done and my husband says i look good with out it but i know. please any ideas would help!!!

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So What Happened?

i went to walmart and looked in the makeup and found some revlon eye primer and it works great. didnt know there was such a thing. so thank you for all the help!!!

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answers from Fayetteville on

I totally understand...I didn't get a shower today until 10:30. If they wake up before I get a chance to shower I try to wait until my girls (ages 3 1/2 and 20 mos) are busy, my 20 mo old usually joins me in the bathroom, she's mostly learned what is and isn't ok to play with, some things are just really hard to resist. If she missed a bath the night before sometimes I bring her in the shower with me-she loves that!
When my 2nd daughter was about 6 months old I made the firm decision to shower and fix my hair and makeup and make my bed every day, I just feel more "ready" to work and if I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I don't look like dead mommy-that always made me feel so gross.
Anyway, I have an eyeshadow that may work for you. Since I normally buy my make up from wal-mart this one is more than I would normally spend but if I put it on in the morning and go somewhere that evening I don't have to reapply it! It's called Smashbox, I got it at Sephora, I don't know who else sells it but you can order it online.

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answers from Jackson on

most makeup brands have a eye makeup cream that you put on before your eyeshadow. i know beauti control and merle norman does but check at the drugstore for otc brands, im sure they do to

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answers from Baton Rouge on

hey, find a mary kay lady and ask for the eye primer... its 12 dollars a tube (last a long time) but man is it worth it. I teach and my eyeshadow stays on through the day.

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answers from Birmingham on

Isn't it amazing how a little bit of make-up can make us feel that much more human.

When my boys were little I used to get up at the same time as my husband and I would try to have shower and get my hair and face done before he left for work and he would get to spend some quality time with them before work - just making the effort helped me get on with my day.

As for the eyeshadow staying on - try Clinique's touch base for eyes. It cost around $13, but does last for about 3 months if you use it everyday. I am out at the moment and haven't been able to get to my local stockist and am really missing it.

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answers from Texarkana on

Hi M.! Here's a trick that I learned from a make-up artist...
I apply my liquid foundation with a disposable cosmetic sponge. I swipe it over my eye lids as well and my eye make-up stays put. (always discard cosmetic sponges after each use).

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answers from Philadelphia on

In case anyone looks back at this question...the Mary Kay eye primer is the best things I've found! It's the very first product I ever used...and it's cheap, only $12! I sell Mary Kay, so if you are interested, visit my site, I offer free shipping :)
Also, it's best to use mineral makeup. It creases less and doesn't put free radicals into your skin. You'll be amazed!



answers from Jonesboro on

Best product is BeautiControl's Eye Shadow Control Creme. It's 8.00 for a tube, lasts about 4-6 months. Your eye shadow will stay where you put it. Great product.



answers from New Orleans on

hi M.,
you can also try cover girl eyeshadow.
apply a little of your base make-up on your lids before applying the eyeshadow. i put eye shadow on for work averyday, cover girl stays on my eyes from 7:00am until i take it off around 6;30PM OR LATER.

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