Eye Goo Won't Go Away

Updated on October 27, 2006
T.H. asks from Tucson, AZ
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Hi everyone. My son, at 9 weeks old, has had a lot of eye boogers that constantly come throughout the day, since the day we left the hospital. They started out a whitish color, but now it is more a yellow goop and it is getting thicker almost, causing his eye lashes to stick together. His eye was almost closed shut once. Each time we've gone to the doctor's we've mentioned this problem, but they never seem interested in the topic no matter how often I bring it up. Does anyone know what may be causing this, and what can I do to get rid of it?

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So What Happened?

Hey Everyone! Thanks for all of your advise. I went right away to the warm compress while massaging, and it seemed to prevent the eye lashes from sticking together and locking his eye shut. But then I finally got him into the doctor, and they suspect what you all did - a clogged tear duct. But I guess because of that, it makes his eye more prone to infections, and he had a slight one. So now we have him on an antibiotic ointment, and after two days of use, his eye looks WONDERFUL!!!

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hi tracy, it sounds like a blocked tear duct, the doctors gave me a cream to put in my sons eye when he had this. my son was around the same age and it lasted about a month or so, If you take a warm wet washcloth and push up on the inner corner of the eye you will see the goo come out of his tear duct. do this 3-4 times a day and it should get better in no time... also i would like to recommend dr nomaans office on oracle and orange grove they are great AND they are open on the weekends!! they dont close till like 9pm. hope this helps!!!



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Hi T.,
That sounds like an eye infection. He probably needs to be seen by doc. Our older kids eyes gets like this and it always is an eye infection. Hope this helps.



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Hi T.-
You really need to find your son a new pediatrician. A good doctor would NEVER ignore your concerns. What your son most likely has is a blocked tear duct. It is completely harmless and nothing needs to be done to treat a blocked tear duct. You could apply a warm compress to clean the goop off, but it is not necessary. If it is THICK pus and discharge AND the white of his eye is red, it could possibly be conjunctivitis (aka Pink Eye), which is an infection in the lining of the eye. That would need antibiotics to treat, however a doctor would most likely recognize that right away. I would suggest calling around to some other pediatricians in town and finding a doctor that will be good about informing you about your baby's health. A few that I know of that are really great are Dr. Albert Callie and his son- also Dr. Albert Callie (Carondelet/Wilmot and Broadway) and Dr. Rene Dominguez (West St. Mary's Road). Hope this helps.



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Hello T.,
Maybe get a second opinion for the health of your baby, I had a Dr. once not be so attenative with my worries and I did get a second opinion and I was glad cause I found a wonderful Dr. in the process.
I probly wasn't much help, just give it some thought if at all possible maybe a serious issue and then maybe something simple.hoppfully anyways;)



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I can help!!! My daughter had this and like some of the girls said, it is a clogged tear duct. Some doctors will tell you that if it does not clear up on its own, they would do surgery-ewww. Luckily my daughters went away but not until she was 6 months old and we finally found someone that knew something about it.

I never used cream or got anything for her tear duct, but our doctor had recommended this and it worked:

Massage the eye just under the tear duct, like when you rub your eyes... put a warm washcloth on for a minute or as long as baby will let you before you massage it and right after. Do this when you have a chance, as much as possible as it only takes a minute. The more you massage, the more the goo comes out and eventually it will just clear up. If you google the clogged tear duct, there are a ton of results to help in other ways. Here's a quick blurb from a website:

"Children with blocked tear ducts often can be treated at home. Your child's doctor or pediatric ophthalmologist may recommend that you massage the eye several times daily for a couple of months. Before massaging the tear duct, wash your hands. Place your index finger on the side of your child's nose and firmly massage down toward the corner of the nose. You may also want to apply warm compresses to the eye to help promote drainage and ease any discomfort your child may have."
the website http://www.kidshealth.org/parent/general/eyes/tear_duct_o...

Hope this helped.



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i would try going to another doc and get a second opinion or at least that they would take a look at it. my daughter had the same thing happen to her and we took her to the er, turns out it was pink eye. just checkit out if it is pink eye it wont go away on its own. it could also be allergies.

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