Eye Doctor in Denton/Corinth?

Updated on June 21, 2007
L.W. asks from Denton, TX
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I need to find a really good eye doctor in the area ASAP. I have issues with my both of my eyes due to sun and wind exposure so I have these horrible yellow/red spots in the whites of my eyes that are really irritating and it seems like it is getting worse and worse. Anyone know of a good eye doc?

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My husband and I started going to Dr. Katie Rippley last year and really like her. She is in Denton off of Lillian Miller Pkwy (not too far from the Albertson's shopping center) and Teasley. Here is her website if want to check her out:


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Hey L.! I live in Corinth. I havent gone to them yet, but all my co-workers love Dr. Emery Huber. (not sure if they are male or female) They are located on Swisher. 3901 FM 2181 Swisher Ste 200. The phone number is ###-###-####. My husband called today and made him an appointment. I hope this helps!


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I highly recommend Dr Ragsdale @ Ragsdale Vision Center. 526 N Locust, Denton, ###-###-####. He's a second generation eye Dr in Denton (his father originally opened the center), and very highly trained.

:-) H.

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I also go to Katie Rippley and LOVE LOVE LOVE her!



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Hi L.

I moved here from Massachusetts last June and have found an eye doctor in Denton. Her name is Katie Ripley she's on Lillian Miller in that strip of businesses next to apple orthodontics. I'm sorry, but I don't have her number next to me. Try her. She's very thorough and very sweet. Good Luck,


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