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Updated on June 04, 2013
M.W. asks from West Lafayette, IN
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I have been to a few Optometrist and none of them has helped me with my son's amblyopia. Can anyone recommend a good pediatric optometrist near the Redondo beach area? Thank you so much!

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So What Happened?

I made an appointment with Anne Simon and cannot wait to see what she says. Thank you all sooo much!

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My child (4yrs) has the same condition, her optometrist recommended contacting Southern California College of Optometry as they offer vision therapy. The optometrist's own child also goes there for vision therapy and she also recommended purchasing Primitive Reflex Training. I haven't had my daughter evaluated yet thru SCCO as my insurance requires the referral from an ophthalmologist before they can confirm if insurance will cover.
Best of luck to you!



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My son and a lot of friends see Dr. Choy in long beach they are really good with kids however the wait time for appointments and the front office staff can be a pain. Best to book first morning appt or after lunch. Good luck.



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Hi. I don't know how old your son is but it's really crucial to redirect the development of the muscles as well as develop new rods and cones before age 5 or 6. Our pediatric opthamoligist is amazing but in Santa Monica. Dr Sharon Spooner . Maybe you could drive up for a consult and go from there? I understand the journey and at times it can be awful but it can be treated. Best wishes for healing.



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Dr. Anne Simon was in Torrance, she is an opthamologist MD, not an optometrist. She is no longer on our insurance plan, but she is like the nicest doctor ever. Kind of like a female Mr. Rogers. My very shy son really did well with her, and his vision improved greatly with her very conservative treatment.



answers from Dallas on

You need to take your son to a Pediatric Opthamologist who is an M.D. An optometrist is not a medical doctor. My daughter started showing signs of vision problems at three years old. She had to wear an eye patch and glasses. Now she still wears glasses but is no longer wearing a eye patch. She no longer shows any signs of having amblyopia. You really need to take your son to a pediatric opthamologist as soon as you can to treat the problem. After the ages of 5 or six it's difficult to correct, as the eyes are pretty much developed already.

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