Extreme Pelvic Pain at 30 Weeks Pregnant?

Updated on December 01, 2009
S.S. asks from Covington, KY
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I have asked my doctor about this because I had a bloody show 3 weeks ago, not dilated but 50% effaced, and on medicine to stop contractions. He said it is normal to have this pain yet my baby hasn't dropped. I feel like something isn't right, everyone I talk to says I look and have symptoms like I am further along( including my mom) Does anyone else have this extreme pain? Because I can't sleep, move very well or walk hardy it hurts so bad.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Sounds like Pubic Symphasis Disfuntion to me. No biggie, and you'll feel so much better after you deliver. It hurts like hell, but will heal after you have the baby. I had it, and had to go on disability at about 34 weeks. Couldn't roll over or lift one leg off the other without extreme pain. Use a body pillow to sleep better! Here is some more info: http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/pubicpain.htm
Hope you find some relief!

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answers from Cleveland on

I had horrible pelvic pain with my second child for like the whole last two months!! It was horrible pain. The baby cam on time and I was not any further along than I thought. I was put on partial bed rest though too because I was contracting too early. I would look into another doctor though because I had all the symptoms you had listed in your other post too and I did not switch doctors. I had a horrible delivery, bled out passed out needed 7 blood transfusion and never have anymore children. SWITCH DOCTORS ASAP. I wish I did.

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I sure feel for you! I had that terrible pain with my last pregnancy. It started for me about the same time that you are having yours. My doctor told me that it was normal for some women to have that pain. That answer always made me mad. It was like he was blowing me off. Some days it hurt so bad I could hardly walk, roll over in bed, or even get out of bed. There were many times I cried because of the pain. My son ended up being 10 lb 10 oz when he was born. So, that is probably why I had such terrible pains. Have you tried sleeping in a recliner? I had to do that to get some relief from the pain. I still had the pain if I laid wrong, but it was much better than laying flat in bed. Getting up to go to the bathroom was much easier from the recliner than it was from bed. Hang in there! You're over half-way there. Just keep reminding yourself of the sweet, precious baby you will be holding soon. The pain is worth it! :)

Thanks to Erin for the wonderful information on PSD. I never knew it had a name.

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answers from Portland on

I have extremely bad pelvic pain for the last couple months of my pregnancy. I couldn't walk move sit lay down anything without pain. It was worst in the morning and nothing seemed to help. We never really figured out why but I ended up being induced at 41 weeks and I had a 8.6 pound baby with a placenta that weighed as much as a new born!! I'm a small person and we just figured it was the weight of everything. My belly got huge!! I was concerned I would have to hve a c section because of it but it didn't bother me at all during labor!! I still have trouble with it and my son is four and a half months old. It's painful when I walk and exercise but it's not nearly as bad. In sorry for it cuz I feel your pain!! Maybe you just have a big baby! Your almost done so hang in there so god bless you and your baby!!



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You know your body better than the doctor does. Just because he says it's normal, doesn't mean what you are experiencing is. I would get a second opinion. There is such a thing as a mother's intuition and if you feel something is not right, then you have every right to question it and get another professional opinion. Extreme pain does not sound normal. There is nothing wrong with seeking a second opinion- I wish I had done that years ago before a surgery that I found out later was unnecessary...but had I gotten that second opinion, I would NOT have had that surgery.

I hope you get some reassurance and some relief. Sending happy baby thoughts :)



answers from Cincinnati on

SEE A CHIROPRACTOR!!!! As someone else said it sounds like pubic symphosis. A chiropractor can help with that. I had it with my pregnancy and chiropractic treatments REALLY helped. Your pubic bones are literally moving out of place. The treatment can be uncomfortable, but it o ly lasts a second and then you can walk again without pain!!

Most likely it will happen again and you'll need to go back. But you can find relief.

Good luck!!



answers from Indianapolis on

You need to go to the EGOSCUE website and check out pelvic pain in pregnancy. There is also a book that will help you thru this. You should be able to find it on AMAZON. It's called PAIN FREE WOMEN by Pete Egoscue.



answers from Indianapolis on

It is your body - trust your instincts. If you think something is wrong, get another opinion. Talk to your family doctor (an FP likely had obstetrics training in med school) or see another OB/GYN.

It could be something minor, and it could be something more serious. Your instincts will guide you well.

After the birth of my daughter, I found a small, pea-sized inflammation on my collarbone. My OB/GYN wasn't too concerned, my FP was, and 4 weeks later, I was diganosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer). My instincts told me to press on.

Good luck. Hoping it is much ado about nothing.



answers from Cleveland on

I had the same thing happen when I was pregnant with both of my sons starting about 25 weeks. It hurt to walk or lift my legs to get into bed. The doctor told me that the pressure was causing my pubic bone to separate. I bought a belly band at motherhood maternity and it helped. My kids still came on schedule so I wasn't any further along. Good luck. I know how painful this can be.

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