Extreme Hunger and Nausea 1St Trimester

Updated on March 01, 2013
L.M. asks from Warren, OH
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Hi. I am 33 years old, 9 weeks pregnant with my second child. My first child is 14 years old and this pregnancy is completely different! I am experiencing EXTREME constant hunger... so severe that I feel hungry half an hour after I eat and if I don't eat again immediately I feel nauseated and light headed. I drink a ton of water and take my vitamins everyday, and I try to eat healthy, as I always did before my pregnancy, but fruits and vegetables seem to make me feel worse and I find myself eating high calorie meals to try to satiate the hunger, but it never goes away for more than an hour at the most. I even wake up 3 or 4 times a night from my stomach growling and can't go bake to sleep until I eat again. It's almost painful...and I know at this rate I will gain way more that I planned on! I ate healthy and exercised prepregnancy and am within my normal weight range. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! This is miserable!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the replies, I appreciate all the good advice. Unfortunately most of these things are things I have already tried (high protein foods, healthy fats, frequent, small meals, etc.) and it doesn't really make a difference what I eat. Eggs, peanut butter, low fat meats and cheeses, fresh fruits and high protein/high fiber cereals and protein bars were staples in my diet when this all started. This is one of the reasons I ruled out the idea of low blood sugar as the culprit...as much as I'm eating and the types of foods I'm eating it's almost impossible that this is being cause by low blood sugar. Of course, I'll be routinely checked for gestational diabetes anyhow. And also, this has nothing to do with cravings, as a few of you may have suggested. Believe me, I wish it did. I would rather have to fight off cravings all day than be afraid to go to a 3 hour long class because my stomach will be growling so loudly after I'm there for half an hour that I'll have to leave. Even when I know I'm not hungry and don't want to eat, I have to force myself to eat to stop the horrible starving sensation I feel...mechanically speaking, I don't even know how it's possible for your stomach to think it's hungry when it's still full from your last meal. I had horrible morning sickness with my first and I would trade this for that again any day. I'm just hanging on for now and hoping in a few more weeks it will get better.

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answers from Chicago on

Eggs. Try an omelet. Mushrooms and cheese or something like that. Tons of good fat and protein.

And eat raw almonds and cheese sticks!

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answers from Cumberland on

it will probably last three more weeks-try milk or ice cream-it is more sating-good luck-I know it's difficult!

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answers from Fargo on

I had severe morning sickness, so my heart goes out to you!

Protein, protein, protein!!! String cheese, raw almonds, eggs, avocado, eggs, peanut butter, almond butter, yogurt, etc. All those things will stabilize your blood sugar and keep you from feeling that desperate hunger that comes with a dip in blood sugar.

I am very dedicated to eating healthy and it galled me to find out during my second pregnancy that a double cheeseburger from McDonalds made me feel normal for a few hours! Seriously, I followed my nose into a McDonalds when I was pregnant and ordered the thing with the most meat and least amount of anything else on it. For a former vegetarian, that was really hard to do!

Good proteins and healthy fats will be just fine for you! Don't force yourself to eat low fat- shoot for healthy fats and you will be benefitting yourself and baby.

I hope you feel better soon!

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answers from Milwaukee on

This is why some gain lots of weight with pregnancy. They are super super super hungry. Find what you can eat that satiates as best as possible and then give yourself a break. Your body is craving this for a reason.
Try peanut butter

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I had extreme hunger in the first 12 or so weeks of pregnancy, but it tapered off to a fairly normal level after that. I remember sitting in church and leaning over to my husband and saying, we have to leave. I have to eat. NOW. It was run a red light, mow down anyone in my way hunger unlike anything I've ever experienced before or since. I hope that yours tapers off, but try not to worry - this is just a short season of your life and if you have good eating and exercise habits to fall back on, you'll be fine. Oh, and congratulations :-).

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answers from Boston on

I went through that and had too much fast food, and regret it now, so try to slow down. Consider if it is real hunger or perhaps u r feeling tired or stressed.


answers from Austin on

Make sure you take your vitamins with lunch.. a hearty lunch.. I used to vomit those up in the morning.

I had horrible morning sickness the entire pregnancy, even while in labor!
But I have to eat, because hunger can bring on my migraines.

I got used to getting up, Brushing my teeth, vomiting and then brushing them again..Then was ready to start the day.

When I tried to hold it off, it just never worked.. I would be so ill.

I also found I had to have protein for my first meal. Eggs, eggs with cheese, egg sandwich a piece of chicken, soup, it was not always a traditional breakfast food. I love fruit for breakfast.. could not keep it down.. V8 juice with some cheese toast.. I could do sometimes.

Then about mid morning, I could eat some peanut butter crackers, with some fruit..

I would crave med. rare grilled steaks, baked potatoes, Crispy salads (spinach) and corn..

I have a friend that the only thing that kept her morning sickness at bay was a slurpee!.. One of those giant ones.. This is like one of the most glamorous attorneys you have ever seen.. She said she just had to have it or she would be too ill to work.. She now can not see one, without feeling ill.. Hee, hee

Hang in there. I know this is awful.. Just try some different options. Smoothies with all fruit, smoothies with yogurt, A spinach and cheese scramble.


answers from Kalamazoo on

Hmmmm.......maybe it's twins!! LOl!
Focus on protein and healthy, fiber rich carbs. And relax, it'll probably end by 2 trimester! (unless it's twins!)



answers from Chicago on

Sounds like my pregnancy. As someone else mentioned, eggs were a go-to for me because they're not a ton of calories and are full of protein and omega-3s, fill them with veggies, and saltines all day every day.



answers from New York on

You are my DIL. Enjoy that you can eat. Just make sure you eat healthy food.



answers from Washington DC on

This happened to me with my third. I finally decided I just needed to eat what I wanted during this point. After the second trimester came it all went away, I did a prenatal swim class and everything evened out. This was actually the only pregnancy that I gained the recommended amount of weight (the other 2 I gained so much more), so just because you are eating now, don't think it will be this way for the duration, it will even out.



answers from Miami on

So sorry. This is definitely hard on you, that's for sure. But I think that it's really important to manage this, or you're going to gain 60 pounds and end up with gestational diabetes.

Instead of eating high calorie meals, put together a menu from your pregnancy book and go by it. Eat six small meals a day rather than 3 larger ones. Start making smoothies as a way to curb your hunger. Don't add sugar. Get recipes that have good stuff in them. Include milk that you are supposed to drink every day, and check into a protein powder that your doctor approves of. You need protein for the baby's brain. You can put spinach in your smoothie along with fruit - can't taste the spinach, but it's really good for you (it will turn the smoothie green...)

Don't make big smoothies at one time, but have the ingrediants ready. This will sate your hunger, keep you from having too many calories, and won't wear you out getting food prepared.

I'd keep something by your bedside to munch on, like carrot sticks, for the night time.

I think that if you do this, by the time you get to second semester, you'll feel better.

Good luck,



answers from St. Louis on

OMG I could have written this EXACT post (except this is my third and my kids are only 3.5 and 5.5...LOL) a few weeks ago. I'm now 12 weeks along and it is MUCH better. Although when I"m hungry now, I still feel RAVENOUS!! I was feeling the same way you were (minus eating in the middle of the night but did wake up a few times and drank something).

I was that was from Week 5 - 10 and it has since gotten better. Doctor told me to get Emetrol - an over the counter nausea medicine and it helped some. I also sucked on the preggo pops and they seemed to help - a bit. Crackers and white soda helped, a bit. LOL When the doctor told me to eat 6 small meals I wanted to laugh because if I wasnt' eating every 1-2 hours I was SICK to my stomach! So I just ate small things every hour or two. An apple, some peanut butter, cheese and pickles, etc. I still eat every three hours now.

It will get better. May take a few more weeks! Hang in there!!


answers from Los Angeles on

I am there right now too. Add to the misery that I even feel miserable with a full belly now that I'm 18 weeks and there's less room for food. As for middle of the night snacking I recommend milk since its a pain to rummage when you'd rather be sleeping. Check you weight daily to see how bad the gain is. If you are gaining more than a pound a week, try to hold off on the eating. But if you must eat, stay away from sugar and sweats. Cereals and breads can be bad for fast weigh gain too. When I developed a little granola craving, the weight just piled on. I second eating a bit of protein to curb your appetite. fry an egg, or eat some cheese.
I tended to gain 10 lbs in my first trimester due to the nausea/ eating thing. this pregnancy I've learned to rely on Zophran which really helped my nausea and therefor my weight gain.


answers from Cleveland on

You will need to provide your body the best nutrients possible - high protein meals will help. I strongly encourage you to check out Dr. Brewer's pregnancy eating plan at www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com. Most people complain that it's too much food to eat but please read the research behind his study (it's fairly short). Proper nutrition will avoid many "common" problems in pregnancy and during labor and birth. Not to mention, the weight gained while eating the Brewer Plan will come off more quickly than empty calories from fast food and high sugar. Congratulations and I wish you all the best!



answers from Philadelphia on

Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm 32 weeks along now, and I've been starving the whole time. I never had any morning sickness, but get the same as you - nauseous and light headed if I don't eat frequently. During the first trimester I woke up at night once to eat, and it sucked, sorry to hear about your 3 or 4 times. Ugh.

As other posters said, protein really helps me. I am obsessed with the Bolthouse Farms chocolate protein shake. I drink that in the morning with oatmeal or eggs and seems to be a good start to the day. For snacks I stick with raw vegetables and hummus, apples with peanut butter, protein smoothies, triscuits and cheese. It feels sooo much better than fruit and salads.

There is hope for your weight :) Even eating constantly, I did not gain any weight during the first trimester, and a total of 20 pounds so far. I do exercise regularly. Your body is craving it, so it's probable you need it and you may not gain more than you planned. Keep an eye on your weight and if it seems to get out of control you could always look at your diet and try to make some substitutions.

Hope you feel better!



answers from Dallas on

You need to call your doctor. It could be low blood sugar and that in turn, could be a sign of diabetes. Protein. Small frequent meals. Eat before going to bed. Do not worry about gaining wt till your doc says to worry. The baby needs food. Call your doctor.

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