Extreme Fatigue Right Before Period

Updated on July 26, 2009
E.B. asks from New Albany, IN
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Hi ladies. I am a 30 year old sahm of 2 kids, ages 2 and 5. They are great kids! Over the last several months I have noticed increasing PMS symptoms, mostly in the form of moodiness and EXTREME fatigue the day before and/or the day I start my period. To the point where I can barely function, and as I'm making myself function I'm in an exasperated mood with my children. It makes me sad because they aren't doing anything out of the ordinary, but I'm SO TIRED I can't deal. Luckily they take naps/have rest time (older one) after lunch, at which time I crawled into bed and slept heavily for an hour and a half, and could have slept longer. I was just wondering if any of you have successfully battled PMS and menstrual fatigue with any remedies or if your physician has helped you with anything. I don't want to be this way for 2 or 3 days out of the month anymore!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! It seems that B12 is the concensus, so I will certainly try that! At the urging of my husband and many of you, I have also contacted an OBGYN to make an appointment. I am having some spotting 5 - 7 days prior to my period that I have read could be caused by low progesterone, and my husband and I are getting ready to try to conceive our third, so I just need an overall check-up anyway to be sure we are on track for that. I am going to discuss both the PMS and the spotting with my new doctor and see what she says. I have just moved, so I was hoping to avoid an appointment, but it will be nice to get to know someone prior to going in for a pregnancy check-up anyway! :)

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I got extreme fatigue and found out I was anemic. Maybe that's an option?? I'd be weary of iron pills..that's like a recipe for constipation.

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You sound like me!

What I have found helps is taking a daily multi-vitamin, and then 1-2 weeks before my period, taking a B-Complex vitamin everyday. B vitamins promote cell growth, including red blood cells, which will help prevent anemia. Also I feel more energized when taking a B complex. This could be because B vitamins support and increase metabolism - a body that's using it's fuels efficiently won't be so tired! Since I know I'll be dragging, I try to make sure I get enough sleep (full eight hours!) and also drink plenty of water (feeling tired can be a sign of dehydration). If you are on birth control pills, you might want to discuss the exhaustion with your doctor because it happens when the estrogen levels drop, so you might need a different kind of pill.

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Hi E.,

Do you take a daily vitamin? It really helps. Also, my Mother swears that right about now we all needs to take extra iron and calcium. I've dealt with the same and every day fatigue and done all the test with nothing at all being wrong with me or anything else. Exercise, believe me I know how this sounds(unreal), can really help. Leave things for a day, soak the dishes, don't fold underwear or pajamas( just throw them in the draw), pack finger foods and go walking the then to a park. We all need a complete day of rest. Start setting a time that you don't eat past and a time that you drop everything and wind down and GO TO SLEEP. My husband is in the military and hes is planning on going away before my next birthday and I have trouble with just these things and it take effort, and planning and you get frustrated because you don't get everything done and you get frustrated with the kids. Remember re-direction is the best thing in the world, when your kids are doing something annoying give them a different thing to do ( blowing bubbles in the room that always needs cleaning the kitchen or where ever). I was dealing with depression, fatigue, no family and my husband was gone in 2003 and God helped me to focus on one moment at a time and just do to what was important one thing at a time and I got through it. I will pray for you and everything will get better. I send you some love, Smile and know someone cares. Don't forget to actually ask for help once a week.



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Naps are a great defense so take them as often as your body needs while you are having pms symptoms.

Iron Supplements (we are depleted during our periods)
Vitamin B12 (once or twice daily - everyday for energy)
Vitamin B Complex (once daily - in the evening perferably)
Evening Primrose (for mild mood, heart and mind health)
Krill or a good fish oil (for mood, heart and mind health)

I suggest a good health food store to purchase the above, as a store like GNC or the local Walmart will have additives and flavorings in their vitamins and fish oils. Also get to know your local health food store worker (I use A & S Health Food in Winston Salem) - let them know your symptoms and they can assist on the correct "mix" of vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Good luck and I hope the above helps you a bit.



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Wait until you go into 'menopause'. Talk about T I R E D!



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I agree...vitamins and i take an iron pill too because when I'm feeling that tired I'm usually diagnosed with low anemia.

Other than that regular exercise....I know it sounds crazy but exercising really makes you feel better.

and if none of that works you better be talking to your dr.



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Hi, E. B!!!!

Iknow exactly what you are talking about, and i think probably you, like I have PMDD. The doctor can prescribe for you a low dosage of anti-depressant medication, which you may increase at your discretion during those very tough to handle days. It has beena Godsend to me and to my family!!!! ( I am on a generic of Prozac - 10 Mg most of the month, but I up it to 20 Mg. as needed on super PMS days. ) I have done this since the Fall of 2004, and it has been a real life-saver to me. I have a sister who also does this. She is the one who recommend I see my doctor about it.


L. in Kingsport, TN w/ daughters ages 11 & 15
.. Oh, joy!!! 15 year old is already hormone ridden, and 1 year old is not far behind, I'm afraid!! LOL



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I suffered much the same symptoms a few years ago and my gynecologist suggested Opti-Vite vitamins. They are formulated for pre-menstrual stress syndrome and I don't take nearly what the bottle suggests and they worked wonders! I was unable to locate them at my local chain pharmacies, so I have been ordering them through CVS.com. Good luck!



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You may want to see if you are anemic during your period (low iron). Or if you don't want to go to the doctor right away, take iron supplements or eat iron rich food before and during your period and see if that helps. ( :



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Could you be anemic? When I still had my period I would be tired as you described. It was a combination of anemia and hormones. Eating iron rich foods and lean protiens helped me. You can take iron supplements also. I was bothered with stomach upset and constipation when I took iron tablets so I just made sure I had foods with iron. If you take iron pills drink something with high vitamin C content, your body will absorb the iron better. I would also talk to your doctor/OB/GYN about how your feeling. Good Luck!



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During that time of the month, women need more B12 vitamins than any other time of the month. I use an energy drink called XS, which you can only buy through Amway Global. It has 7500% of the B12 vitamins that you need for the day. I drink 2 of those drinks a day during that time. Not only does it give me great energy but it is caffeine free and also helps with that time. Also comes in great flavors. Did you know that B12 is a water soluble viatmin and because it is your body uses what it needs and flushes the rest out. I'm sure my body needs all that during that time. Check out my website at IPS.ibocity.com/shop (don't type www.) and click on the XS logo on the right.



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call your OB, I am sure they can help. Take some vitamins, maybe it is a hormone thing that the OB can help with.



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Hi E.,I would like to suggest a product that I am taking. I like it so well that I am now a distributor. It helps with a whole host of problems, fatigue being one of them.

Check out my site: https://www.naturespearlproducts.com/northcarolina. There is also a Promo going now for a free 30-day supply of Natures Pearl; all you do is to pay shipping. This would be well worth you taking advantage of this, but it is up to you. I would be happy to send you the form for the free trial.

You can also follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NC_SmarterGrape.

Bye now and good luck.



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Look up Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) & look at the symptoms. I was having the same kind of problems (but more) & it took me year to figure it out & when I told the doctor about it, she put me on Sarafem. I was sleepy for about 2 weeks but it has been so much better. At the time my kids were 6 & 3. My kids shouldn't have to suffer through me being ill & tired for 2-5 days a month. Good luck & God bless!!


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Reading something from Dr. John Lee(ie: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause) will give you a host of ideas - and drugs are not one of them! Neither is a bunch of synthetic iron tabs - been there, done that.

A really good multi-vitamin will go along way...but I have heard for 30 years - that you only absorb 10% or less of most of the vitamins on the store shelf - even at health food stores! I saw recent scientific research to prove this...the vitamin I take is equal to 33 doses of Centrum!!!

This vitamin has a 90 money back guarantee and you will notice a difference much quicker. It's due to getting much needed minerals into the cell level...and E. - this is not hype...I had that fatigue for 18 years...every afternoon...and I was taking really, good, expensive vitamins all those years. Vitamins are not created equal. I would love to send you my vitamin story. I had to keep the naps up after my kids were too big for them.

Then - diet...cut the sugar and white flour...eat at least a third if not more in fresh fruits and veggies - then lean meat and whole grains. I promise - it's all worth the changes.

J. B.

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