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Updated on May 03, 2017
E.C. asks from Jay, OK
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Does anyone know of a way to make extra money from your home such as envelope stuffing or something simple like that? Been waiting 5 months for our first time home buyers tax refund really needing money! We both work full time.

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answers from Minneapolis on

It is probably easier to chop $100 or $200 out of your budget than it is to find a job working at home making that same amount. I work with people and their budgets everyday and it is interesting that most folks would rather work more than make cuts (nothing against your thinking, it just seems to be the first thought that comes into MOST peoples heads).

Here are the things that I mostly see people can cut (I don't know your life/budget, so these may not apply to you):

Stop buying coffee out
No more eating out
Pack lunches for work (and school) every day
Make your own laundry soap
Switch to cloth diapers at home
Plan your menu at home at least one week in advance and make a grocery list based only on those items
Turn your cable down one package/slow your internet down one notch/cancel home phone or bundle cell phones
Shop your car insurance around
If you have an infant/toddler, see if you qualify for WIC to help with formula/milk/cereal/etc
Call your utilities and ask about being on a budget plan (doesn't really save money, but helps plan expenses better)

Make your saving into a "challenge." You will be surprised just how much you can save!

I'm sure that other mom's have lots of ideas as well :) Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

For ways to make extra money online, check out my website at www.makemoneyonline.tonoftips.net. Everything on that website is something that I have personally done to make money online.

My favorite thing of all to do is working gigs at fiverr.com. If you have a skill you can sell you can make some great money.

You can also do GPTs, write for money, work for KGB or ChaCha, do small tasks at Amazon Mturk.

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answers from New York on

I work from home but it isnt stuffing envelopes or anything that simple. Its not really hard what I do. Not sure if you are interested but here is a recorded overview for you to listen to ###-###-####. You can contact me back with any questions of course. Another thing that comes to mind that may help Save you some money... we offer a savings plan that can help you save up to 60% on shopping(target, sears, kohls, online shopping) dining(mcdonalds, burger king, wendys, etc) recreational activities(bowling, zoo, golf, etc) car repair.. not sure if you are interested in that but figured I would tell ya cause you never know..lol.. http://www.apaccesssaver.com/aboeckmann Another thing that helped me save money is we have lived week to week for a long time so what i do is at the end of the week before my hubby gets paid. I take out any money that is left in the checking acct and put it in the savings.. So every week we start fresh and use JUST his check. That has helped ALOT :0) GOOD LUCK!

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answers from Dallas on

I asked the same question. My best answer was

Check www.makemoneyonline.tonoftips.net for ways to earn extra cash online.

Check out care.com and craigslist.org for baby sitting jobs and sell stuff.

If you can write check out textbroker, wordgigs, demandstudios, and associated content.

Donate Plasma

Have a grage Sale


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answers from Sioux Falls on

I haven't done this,but I know people who do reallywell. First, go through your house and see what you don't need. Sell it on ebay. With the money you made from that, attend household auctions and find stuff at a good price, then turn around and sell that on ebay for a profit. I have known several people who do quite well with it.

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answers from Dallas on

Organo Gold is a legitimate company ("not a company) of integrity that equips you with the tools and training you need to be successful.
Organo Gold Products provide a healthy alternative to coffee, tea and hot chocolate and many more products. By becoming an independent distributor, you have the benefits of working from home and planning your own schedule. Believe and work hard and you can be on your way to financial freedom! Your goal to achieve only depends on how hard you work it.

Contact me today for your free samples and more information. Visit website at: www.ogcoffeepays.com

Nedra Nortey--Independent Distributor


answers from Dallas on

NO, most "great income ideas" are scams or some type or MLM or pyramid that requires you to sell, invest, recruit.

I completely agree with Starr B. Look within your finances now and figure out where to cut.

We run our business from home which is consulting/broker and nothing to do with MLM. We are successful but I still shop well for my family.

Sometimes I do focus groups, you can usually do 1-2 a year so you have to pick a good one but it is just extra $$ for me to do spa day or whatever with. Last time, I got about $250 cash for 2 hrs. Check out something like that. Some online survey's pay but only in credits. I prefer $$ and that is how I do it.

Good luck



answers from Lexington on

There is a website that gives you instant money for your used books. They don't have to sit around wait for them to sell. They give you an instant quote for the books they are accepting. You then send them in and when they get them, they send you the payment. They also pay for the shipping! The website where you can sell used books is www.bookjingle.com.


answers from Washington DC on

The best way I know to work from home that is not a scam is to sell your unwanted stuff on ebay or craigslist.

I wouldn't trust an envelope stuffing scheme or anything else like that - making something - as I've heard tooooooooooo many horror stories about the companies claiming the item wasn't build to their specification of the envelope was not right etc.

Go through your rooms and purge yourself of the excess and make money off your unused items.



answers from Boise on

I have 3 small children and researched long and hard for a work at home job. I really wanted to contribute to my family and keep my kids with me during the day. So I did lots of research and I found a great career! I recently have come across a home-based business opportunity with no large investment, no inventory and no risk. It is an Inc. 500 manufacturing company. I work from home with a company that manufactures products that we're already buying elsewhere, but they are better, safer & healthier. We just help set up customer accounts and the company pays us to do so. It has benefited our family so much! I never have to leave my house to be successful! If you would like some more information, please feel free to ask me about how I made it happen for my family! I would love to share the information about our company! www.BeHomeNow.biz


answers from Las Vegas on

Hi E.!

I know you posted this quite some time ago, but wanted to share what I've been doing around my family for the past 5 years. It seemed like forever to find something I could do to make income for my family, but I did find it! I now make replacement income, and we have paid off all of our debt, even moving into a new home! In a nutshell we market on and off the internet for a wellness manufacturing company. I love what I do because I help other families live better everyday, all while working around their families! You can message me for details. I'd love to share more!


answers from Rochester on

When my husband was out of work for 6 months he responded to an envelope stuffing ad (we were pretty desperate) and it was a total scam. There was some weird loophole where you couldn't really charge them because of the phrasing of the ad, but basically you get money because people mail you money, you pass on some of the money, and stuff the envelopes telling them that they can't pursue anything to get the money back from you because of the way you phrased your ad. It was totally a waste of the very little money we had.

Selling online or through CraigsList can work, but is not guaranteed. If you are crafty, you can sell things through Etsy.com by making an online store. It is not from home, and you probably don't have time, but you could always see if you could do something like an hour or two of housecleaning for someone in your area on a Saturday morning.



answers from Seattle on

I work from home, contact me if you would like further information. Creating a better world through teamwork, partnerships, and collaborations. I am making great $$$ & I help other people. I don't stuff envelopes, I've tried that & I got tired of trading dollars for hours, now that I own my own business I have a lot more time for my family.



answers from Mansfield on

I realize you posted this a long time ago but I wanted to let you know of something I just recently found!!!! I also have always been looking for ways to make money while staying at home. Here is one way that anyone can do and it works....now mind you, you will not become rich but if consistant you can make $140 to $290 a week. That is more than I make at a minimum wage part time job which i have to DRIVE to. This way I stay at home, work in pjs or whatever and it only takes about 20 minutes a day to make $21 to $42/per day. I take surveys online...it is so simple. If you have paypal- the hardest part is already done. (If not a paypal account is required so go to paypal.com and sign up for free.) Just click on (or copy and paste) this link
http://Survey-Faq.com?ref=2504027 take a few minutes to fill in username, password and the email attached to your paypal account (This is how you get paid!) once signed in you watch 3 commercials and take surveys about each one. It really is that simple. Downfall is you can only do 3 per day!
You don't get paid that day however - here is where you must be consistant because they only payout when you reach their minimum....but if you do 3 surveys a day you can get paid in less than a month and be making a decent amount of money just giving your opinion. Even if you have found another way to make money or have a full time job I would still recommend this to anyone. I have told all my friends and family about it because if you have internet and opinions and remember to hope online everyday to do 3 quick surveys, you can get paid!



answers from Kansas City on

I’m really glad to tell some ways to make extra money. It’s real cool. I got to know this website from newspaper it’s named “ http://N..com “ , i searched the website and got to know their money making method. It’s very easy, they are the globle pioneer for “no pen mural “ product for home decor. It means you can use no pen , no painting skills to paint the wall within 2 hours. I love this product, save time painting and also decorate the house very easy and fun. Now they are finding new distributors, low cost but high profit, now I’m already one of their distributors in California. I can earn $6000 a month with no money cost , just at home marketing their product online. It’s really worthy to have a try.


I’m really glad to tell some ways to make extra money. It’s real cool. I got to know this website from newspaper it’s named “ http://N..com “ , i searched the website and got to know their money making method. It’s very easy, they are the globle pioneer for “no pen mural “ product for home decor. It means you can use no pen , no painting skills to paint the wall within 2 hours. I love this product, save time painting and also decorate the house very easy and fun. Now they are finding new distributors, low cost but high profit, now I’m already one of their distributors in California. I can earn $6000 a month with no money cost , just at home marketing their product online. It’s really worthy to have a try.



answers from Birmingham on

I am a Latasia Jewelry and Lingerie Consultant and I can tell you this is a very fun and easy way to make extra money. You can choose the way you sell or recruit. I have done alot of other businesses and Latasia offers both flexibility and the compensation plan is the best in the business. Check out my website at www.mylatasia.com/6189 or call me at ###-###-#### my name is K..



answers from Boise on

Hi E.,

Have you heard of Mona Vie? It is a health juice that provides a world of benefits. My husband and I drink this wonderful juice ourselves and feel so much better for it. Sleep, joint pain and energy as well. Since starting this product, we have become distributors for Mona Vie. http://r3gteam.com/
We believe in this product so much that we are sharing our story with others and gettin them on it as well. In the process, we are making money. It is the #1 all natural health juice. It isn't sold in stores, it's only through social networking that this is done. When you have some time, take a look at the site and look at the 2 links to the right, Essence of Mona Vie and the flip chart. You can explore the products under the red Mona Vie tab. You can learn how to get this product and make money if you are interested.
I am a stay home mom as well. I was working a temp job that just wasn't concrete for me, I needed something that I could do that was for sure. We had a friend invite us to a tasting and we heard all about Mona Vie and the benefits and how we can make money. We have been in this business for 1 month now, and already make money. It's a wonderful company that wants everyone to succeed and make money that they offer incentives all the time. My husband told me not to look for a job anymore that I would be working on Mona Vie, talking to people and sharing our experiences with.
If you are interested, let me know. Take care and God Bless!



answers from Las Vegas on

Hi E.,
I love what I do, I work from home and get to help others like yourself to earn additional income or replace your corporate income. We have people from all walks of life doing this business. Drs. Lawyers, Real Estate, Brokers. Moms, Dads, Grandmas. College Students. It works it is not a SCAM, not MLM, Not a party plan . I don't sell anything. It is true residual income. It works because it is the things that everyone needs to have not wants to have. There is NO New MOney, WE can actually help you to save money, and get rid of a monthly expense. Even my children who are 24 & 26 have made enough for a down payment on a home. This is something that anyone can do. I would love to share the information with you and if it is not for you that is O.K. But the only way for you to hear about this company is by word of mouth, and most people have never heard of it. Even though we are 26 years old and an INc 500 company with an A+ rating with the BBB.

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