Extended Stay Pet Care

Updated on May 30, 2008
P.M. asks from Suwanee, GA
5 answers

My family and I have a lovely, well trained 18 month old golden retriever. We will be out of town most of June and I really don't want to board him at the vet. Does anyone have any suggestions for a extended stay farm or someone very trustworthy to come into our home. Thanks

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answers from Atlanta on

We usually usu Pet Smart Hotel on the Perimeter in Atlanta Also could give a phone number of a lady that takes cares of dogs Do you live in the Atlanta area?



answers from New York on

pet lodge pet resort in Alpharetta is great! Our golden loved it. They have play time. Nature walks and swimming



answers from Atlanta on

I personally love Barkinghound Village. I prefer the lofts, but any of their locations are good. At the lofts, the dogs are cage free all day and then have individual crates at night. They get a lot of attention and a lot of love. Also they are extremely knowledgebale about canine health. They were watchful enough to catch a life threatening emergency condition in my dog last time he was boarded.



answers from Atlanta on

Check with some of the teens in your neighborhood. We use a couple of kids and it works out well- they charge much less than boarding ($10-15 a day)and your pet gets to stay in a familiar place. Plus, we know their parents and where they live so we have never had any problems or funny business. They have even taken our dog to their home for parts of the day so she doesn't get lonely. Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

There is a company called Fetch Pet Care Debbie Warden who is excellent. ###-###-#### lic and bonded. mention K. Schmitt

and I have a friend that does that now as well just north of you. Erin ###-###-####. Did you need her to house sit as well? I also pay her to clean my house monthly. I leave my precious Charley with her and she has taken care of my dogs for years. mention K. Schmitt

if you need more info my number is ###-###-####

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