Experience with Partial Placenta Previa

Updated on August 26, 2017
A.S. asks from San Angelo, TX
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Hey Mamas!
I am 21 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and was just diagnosed with partial placenta previa. My doctor didn't seem conerned in the least and told me not to worry at this point unless I was to bleed (no bleeding so far in this pregnancy). She told me that it still has time to work itself out. Anyways, looking for a bit of encouragement/advice for my worried Mama heart. Did any of you experience this? And if so, when were you diagnosed and did/when did yours resolve? TIA!

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answers from Santa Fe on

I was diagnosed with it as well and in the end it did not block and I had a natural birth. Doctor said same as yours and therefore I did not worry. I was glad I listened to her.

Relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

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answers from Portland on

I didn't personally, but my good friend had this with her first pregnancy. In her case, she had an uneventful pregnancy but did have to have a c-section. It went well and baby was fine.

I think* she was about 1/2 way along when they told her also. I just remember it was something she was aware of, but not particularly concerned about. I wouldn't worry. Your doctor is aware and will watch things for you. Best to you and congratulations on your pregnancy

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answers from Knoxville on

I was told that I had this also at my 20 week ultrasound with my third baby. My doctor also told me to not worry because as the uterus grows with the baby, the placenta moves. Sure enough it had moved up and out of the way by delivery time! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy !



answers from New York on

Mine moved. No problems. Partial almost always resolves itself.

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