Experience with Direct Buy?

Updated on May 19, 2008
J.Z. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
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My husband and I are pregnant with our 4th son, all under the age of 5 and are on a tight budget. We are having a new home built and would like to buy some new furniture. Does anyone have any experience with shopping at Direct Buy? Any advice for finding good quality furniture that will withstand 4 boys, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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answers from Denver on

Try a thift store. It has cheap good furniture and is the kids are that young you don't want something you spent a ton of money on to be ruined. Our stuff was a collection of hand-me-downs and worked for years. Our home is not a show case, it is a home that had children in it. So people have money for both. We invested in the kids and it was worth it.
Congratulations on the new house!
C. B

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answers from Billings on

I'm sorry, I don't know what Direct Buy is. But I can tell you that if you decide to get furniture at Costco, be careful! They have nice looking stuff at decent prices, but we have gotten a few things that have not held up. We did get a good mattress there, though. Have you looked at some of those discount places, like the furniture liquidator places? They may have close-outs, or last year's models, or even floor models that are in good shape. Good luck! We are in the same boat--we finished building in November, and have slowly been trying to replace our old furniture...it is so expensive!!!



answers from Denver on

Don't do it! What a rip off! My friends did that, and I couldn't believe they were gullible enough to even fall for something so stupid, for the price you pay just to be a member, you can buy furniture from any nice furniture store! It all becomes a wash basically, they are just ripping people off, and some are gullible enough to believe they are really saving money. If anything, check out furntire row, they always are offering great deals on their great furnishings, and no interest payments etc. Check around before throwing money into something you don't need to throw money into.



answers from Denver on

hey my husbands family built a large cabin/lodge over the past couple years and used directbuy for all the things in the lodge. It saved them tons of money and looks amazing. I would become a member if we were looking for a way to refurnish or remodel. The materials cost alot less and the quality is outstanding. I was skeptical before i was told the whole cabin was in directbuy stuff. Its good stuff



answers from Provo on

RUN! Run far, far away! My parents are members of Direct Buy and have regretted it from day one. They give you all sorts of promises and once you have paid them the membership fee ($4,000 or $5,000) they are very little help. They only make money by the memberships they receive and so after that they could care less if you are happy - they already have your money.

We used my parents account to remodel our kitchen and it was nothing but headaches. The designers have zero experience or taste and so you (as the customer) have to come up with every last detail and if anything is wrong it is your fault - not theirs. They NEVER return your phone calls and shipping is REALLY expensive. Also, if you have any problems with the product you are stuck - where do you return it? It came straight from the factory or warehouse to you and so there is nowhere to take it back.

If you are design savvy and willing to put in a lot of work yourself - then Direct Buy may be a good fit for you. If you would like a reputable business and help along the way - stick with established retail businesses. That's a small snippet of my thoughts on Direct Buy and if you have any other questions, feel free to send me a personal message and I would be happy to help you.

As far as Retail Businesses go - I had a friend who found a great deal on a good quality couch set at 'John Paras' and they delivered from their store in Sandy (?) all the way to Springville for free. Some people may not like 'Ikea' but if you look deep you can find good quality furniture there. The stuff that sells the most is the inexpensive stuff and doesn't hold up with family life but I have seen furniture from 'Ikea' that has held up. It just costs a little more than the popular, inexpensive stuff.

Anyway, Good luck and let us know what you find!



answers from Denver on

Hi! We're members of Direct Buy and love it. I actually agree with K W to a certain extent. It's not for people who want their hand held through the design or building process. I am extremely design savvy and very willing to put in a lot of work myself (to quote K W) and so over the last 4 years that we've been members, we've saved well over $40,000 (we built and furnished a 4500 sqft house and have done countless other remodeling projects). However, for me, shopping for faucets and kitchen cabinets and lighting and tile and all those hundreds of details and decisions was a total joy (I think I was an interior designer in another life!). For many people, it's a total headache and Direct Buy is absolutely NOT for those people. You're paying the membership fee for access to the great prices, not service. When I joined, you couldn't bring in your own interior designer, but I think now you can, which will help you if you need it. I would join again in a second and do, in fact, renew my membership each year, but I went in with both eyes wide open and knew exactly what I was getting into. If you have any questions, you can send me a message.



answers from Salt Lake City on

My experience is probably really outdated. But, about 11 years ago, we were invited to go to their place and take a tour. My husband was the department manager of electronics at wal-mart at the time, so he knew model numbers and prices for a bunch of stuff. When he compared the prices of the electronics at Direct Buy and Wal-Mart, Walmart's prices were usually significantly better.

The other thing we noticed is that on other things, the prices were generally ok, but if it was a big or heavy item (like furniture), the freight prices were outrageous and more that made for any savings off the base price.

When we finished our tour, we were told we had to commit right then and there, and if we didn't buy into it at that moment, we would never, ever be offered the opportunity to join. Ever again. (they were quite dramatic)

We walked out at that point because I refuse to be pressured by those "never again" sales tactics. They did keep their promise, we have never heard from them again.



answers from Denver on

Sorry I have not experience with direct buy but I was thinking that you should try to find the company on the better business bureau I think the website is BBB.Org or com or net.



answers from Denver on

Like someone else mentioned, once you've done the tour, you have to cough up $4 or $5,000.00 to become a member - THAT same day, you don't get to sleep on it or talk it over. It is very high pressure. If you can't afford that, don't even bother pondering it for one more second.

My other thought is you are building a house and you want new furniture. Just furniture or are you buying cabinets, carpet, the whole shebang? It seems like it may make sense for those who are doing complete remodels, building from the ground up (not a semi-custom), etc. It doesn't seem like the numbers would work for someone who just wants to 'furnish' a new home.

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