Experience Gifts for an 8 Year Old?

Updated on November 30, 2018
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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My older son doesn’t really care for presents. Seriously, they sit unopened in his closet. Any suggestions for some experience type of Xmas gifts? I was thinking indoor water park. We live in nyc so there are a lot of options.

Thanks in advance.
F. B.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your suggestions. He’s a tough one.

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answers from Portland on

You are so lucky! My kids want to go to NYC! that to them is the ultimate trip at the moment. They want to see hockey, and see the sights (shows) that sort of thing.

So here are some thoughts based on my kids and nieces and nephews over the years -

water park would definitely be up there
you've done the skiing if I recall
what about the outdoor theme parks - maybe you did this with the skiing - like the tubing down the mountain and they have water parks with them inside, but skating outside too ..
Maybe that's too big.
My brother got memberships to things - like science museum, or something like that he would enjoy?
Is he into trampoline parks (mine were at that age)
Is he into skateboarding (mine were..)
What about those virtual things they put on their heads (can't think of what they are called)
If he's into seeing a hockey game .. (or other game) mine would have liked that at that age

Hard to say without knowing his interests.

I say though the water park - hands down would have been loved by ALL my kids at that age.

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answers from San Francisco on

These questions are always so baffling, as we don't know your child and what his interests are...???
But NYC holy cow, EVERYTHING is there. Lessons and classes in music, theater, cooking, martial arts (probably any type of sport) science, computers, art.
Season pass to a museum, athletic facility, play place, skating rink.
Tickets to a show, musical, concert, sporting event.
What is he in to, what does he like?
Maybe he wants to give back in some way, a fundraiser, or collection of books or clothing for low income families, or pet supplies for shelter animals?

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answers from Denver on

How about a membership, for a year or a month or six months, to something that he's interested in? Like a natural history museum with dinosaurs, or a science museum with a planetarium, or a zoo, or something that lets him build things (some children's museums have lots of hands-on exhibits) or an aquarium? And then along with the membership, give him the commitment of your time, and tell him that once a month you two, or your family, or his dad, will go spend a leisurely afternoon at the place. Often, kids want more time at a fascinating and fun place, and maybe your son would love knowing that this isn't a one-time visit but that he can come back in a few weeks and spend more time at his favorite part of the place.

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answers from Boston on

A class is a great idea.

How about a membership to a local museum? Being able to go for short periods of time and leaving when the kids get tired is a tremendous benefit. You don't feel like "Hey, I paid this hefty admission fee and we're staying no matter what!" We enjoyed this a lot at a local science/ecology museum as well as an art museum with classes, an armor collection, and so on. You can usually attend once and then apply your fees for the day to an annual membership. Moreover, many museums have reciprocal relationships with other area museums. The discounts for special programs, parking, even gift shop purchases are substantial. I'm not sure what's near you in Queens, but certainly they Hayden Planetarium would be worth looking at

Also look at magazine subscriptions - a gift that keeps on giving every month.

You might also look at volunteer opportunities - signing up to help at the food pantry or the animal shelter. Dogs need walking, cats need cuddling.

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answers from Norfolk on

Well, taking a class could be an experience.
Would he like to learn to sculpt or paint or make pottery?
He could take ice skating lessons or learn to play the clarinet.
You could take him to a concert, the opera or to see monster trucks or Disney on Ice.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Skiing lessons
A karate for kids trial membership (can be turned into a full membership if he likes it)
A Day Out with Thomas if he likes trains (https://www.ticketwebdowt.com/)
Sleepover package at the zoo or science center



answers from New York on

We did karate for our son last year for Christmas (we are moving towards mostly experience gifts as well). He is 19.5 but special needs and is about 8 yrs old. He opened the Gee and a water bottle and then we told him about the classes. He is still going and it has been nearly a year now (started January classes). Our son is the same way - so many unopened things sitting his closet and now that we are getting ready to move, aye, aye, aye . . . We have also done science museum memberships, gym memberships, community pool/play area memberships, and trips for our kids over the years (most memorable was a trip to swim with the Whale Sharks for our two 21 yr olds when they turned 18).

Good luck!



answers from San Diego on

My son was raving about a Virtual Reality Center in NYC that’s he went on a field trip.

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