Exersaucer/ Activity Center Still Worth It for an Almost 6 Month Old?

Updated on June 21, 2011
L.B. asks from New Rochelle, NY
13 answers

I couldn't make up my mind about whether or not to buy a walker/ jumperoo/ exersaucer, and now my baby is almost 6 months. He is 21+ pounds and 27 inches tall. I think he will really like one, but the weight limit on most of the bestselling products of this type is 25 pounds, and the height limit is usually 30-32 inches. Is it still worth buying one, and does anyone have a specific recommendation?


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answers from Dayton on

Don't do it! Lol!
Not worth it at all. My boy HATED being confined to that thing starting very soon after 6 mths..
Alternative: LeapFrog music table.
I can be used on the floor till they can stand and legs put on later.
DS loved the silly thing at that age.

Now if you find a super cheap Exersaucer at a 2nd hand shop...maybe. Though I'd put him in it and see if he really does like it.

Do not waste $50+!!!

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answers from New York on

Yes! Our kid was happy in it way past age 1, and it was a great "babysitter" so I could actually check email. I think generally babies don't gain those 4 pounds from 21 to 25 as quickly as they gained the other weight, so you don't have to fear that he'll break the exersaucer seat in 2 months.



answers from Rochester on

I have the same one that Love My Boys is refering to and my kids loved it. My oldest played with it in the S-shape from about 10 months (when he started walking) to 18 months. Ialso got a jumper for my baby too when he was about 5 months old, that he used until about 10 months (when he started walking). So, I think it is worth looking on CraigsList...or hitting up a garage sale or two and buying some used baby toys. If you are planning on more kids, then get a new one and it will be used by your others :)



answers from Chicago on

My boys LOVED it! They were both very tall, and they used one until they started walking at nine and ten months. I say worth it!


answers from El Paso on

The rainforest jumperoo is what my daughter used from when she was 5 months till around 8 months but she is 1 and still weighs 21 lbs so she was on the small side. Maybe skip it and buy alot of floor toys or wait a lil longer then when he is walking buy ride on toy or some that you push around. Those are rlly fun :)



answers from Seattle on

My son loved his until after he was one. I was so bummed when he truly outgrew it! :)


answers from Los Angeles on

My son has already out grown all of his things, and he is 8 months! He sounds like your son- HUGE. He has to bend his knees to properly sit in any of his activity centers. A lot of moms say their kids play in theirs well over a year, but my son can barely play in his now. Maybe for our monster children, it happens a bit earlier =)



answers from Seattle on

Exersaucers are amazing! My son loved it at his age, and I got one almost brand new off of Craigslist for $20. Cant beat that. He had a lot of fun bouncing and jumping in that thing. Best toy he ever had. They also change into a "S" table so that when he is walking he can walk around it and still play.



answers from Chicago on

Still worth it! Just buy a used one. You'll probably be able to sell it for what you paid for it. And if you have more children, you'll be really glad you got it.



answers from New York on

My son had a jumparoo. It was big but he loved it for months so it was worth it. My son was also big for his age and active. He walked at 10 months and we got 5-6 months out of it (starting at 5 months). You might want to try getting one used. Anyway, take your kid to a baby store and try him in a few and see what he likes. My daughter didn't care for the jumparoo her brother loved.



answers from Minneapolis on




answers from New York on

Can you have him try it out at the store first? My 8 month old got to play with one at our church for the last two months. He's about the same size and he really liked it. The exersaucer had a ton of things to pull and prod and made noise. He's also a bouncer and loved that he could bounce around. I would also see if there are second hand ones on Craigslist.com. I don't believe in buying new toys because they'll always go quick, one way or another.



answers from New York on

heavens no.
2. Child bored in 5 minutes
3. Will spend the next five hundred years decaying in a landfill
4. Usually 100% plastic, full of hormone-disruptors...

Better bet: Graco foldable doll stroller. Kids will push those things around til they're 5 and you can fold them up and toss em in a closet, under a stroller, in a tote bag...

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