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Updated on August 03, 2009
S.J. asks from Dexter, MI
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I've just had my third child and am struggling to get back into shape. I've done Tae Bo for years and am looking for a new exercise video to help me lose that baby weight. I'd like something that is challenging, but do-able. I'd also like something that's fun. Do any of you have something you'd recommend?

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answers from Detroit on


If you have comcast cable "On Demand", there is a section called "Exercise TV" and there are sooo many free execise videos you can watch everyday. My favorites are under the Abs section called Jackie's workouts...they do the entire body if needed.

good Luck!

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I love "The Firm" workout videos/equipment. I have enjoyed them for years and have had great results. It is weight training combined with aerobics. There is a weighted sculpting stick, various step systems, etc. and there are A TON of videos which keeps your workout more interesting.

HOWEVER...I recently purchased The Firm "Wave" system (from an infomercial on TV) and I am returning it. It looked fun and challenging...but when actually using it...it is more of an accident waiting to happen (at least for me!).

Other than that, I LOVE all of The Firm stuff I have. I have seen some of it at Target...so you don't have to order from TV or internet. You can use any small dumbbells and don't have to purchase them from The Firm. (You can get the rubber coated ones very reasonbly priced at Dick's or Dunham's)

The Firm was the major reason I was able to lose my 40 extra "having babies" pounds...and I have successfully kept it off for about 5 years. In my world, diets don't work!Changing your lifestyle, eating habits and working out (especially with weights) makes all the difference. I found that once I started using The Firm, my metabolism cranked up and I could get away with allowing myself treats without paying for it later :-)

Good luck!

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answers from Detroit on

Turbo Jam is a great workout. It has some kickboxing in it and great pumped up music. J.



answers from Benton Harbor on

Hello S.,

I don't know if you have a Wii or not but it could be a family fun time as well. The Dance Revolution is a work-out but fun. There is also an aerobics work-out as well. I would like to also offer you an Ardyss International undergarment solution. These under garments are patented with at material that burns the fat cells to lose the inches. There is also a post partum garment for the mothers after babies. They also have a workout garment that intensifies the weight loss (makes you sweat to shed the inches). If you are interested - I would give you 40% off as being a mother of MammaSource. Please visit www.ardysslife.com/77851202 and then give me a call ###-###-#### or email @ [email protected]____.com a testimony - my friend has lost two inches in a little over 1 month. My garments are due any day.

Take care,
D. M



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Have you ever tried keeping up with The Wiggles? You won't believe what a good cardio work out "Yummy yummy" is, those guys are incredible!



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When I'm not pregnant, I work out to Denise Austin's videos. You can even join her website for tips, recipes, and advice. In four months of daily working out to a 45 minute video, I lost 30 lbs. going from a size 12 to a 6. My body gets very toned and I feel great. I stopped working out daily though I felt a size 6 was good enough for me--I didn't want to get to thin. I did however, get so toned that I was feeling my hip bones. I also ate healthy too, so that helped with losing the weight in four months. Denise has simple exercise videos like How To Shrink Your Female Fat Zones to more fast paced videos. Check out her website. You can buy the videos at Target or Walmart.

Good Luck,



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slim in six! is the video i recommend.




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What I do is go to my library and rent different videos each week. It gives me a variety, and if I end up liking one workout video over another, I know which one to buy without wasting money. Good luck!

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