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Updated on February 04, 2009
L.J. asks from Howell, MI
5 answers

This week i started to go to the gym at 5:30 and i was wondering for the moms who get up early to exercise when did you get used to getting up early and was there a time that you lost interest. Right now i feel great and i am not too tired but it has only been 2 days and i am worried i will lose my movtivation after 2 weks. What keeps you going everyday?

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Tell your hubby to wake you up for a quickie every morning at like 5am. He won't let you sleep in!!!!! LOL!

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answers from Detroit on

I have always been a morning person, so getting up was never the issue...it was getting out the door! I found that having a "buddy" to go with was helpful. I used to walk at the mall, five miles a day. When my buddy moved away that was the end of it. I needed someone to help me be accountable. We encouraged eachother and had a nice visit too...so find a buddy.

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answers from Detroit on

Hats off to you L. for making such a great commitment to fitness! In the long run, it is the best thing you can do not only for yourself, but for your family as well!

I belong to a fitness/yoga studio in my area and do the 6 a.m. classes M-F. It was tough at first, but once I hit the 3 week mark - it was a solid routine. The key to me making this work is getting prepared the night before. I set up my toothbrush and work out clothes in our downstairs bathroom so I don't disturb the whole house. I also fill my coffee maker the night before so I can drink it while I'm driving there. (I never needed this before my workouts - but it has become a nice warm treat since it has been cold out!). It basically takes me 5 minutes to get out the door!

I also set my cell phone alarm on vibrate and put it under my pillow so I don't wake my husband and kids.

Honestly, this is the best thing I could have ever done. It is setting a good example and gives me energy for my kids - with the added perk of being able to eat everything in moderation and fitting in my clothes!

Hope this helps! Enjoy your mornings!


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answers from Grand Rapids on

Make a friend with someone who is always there at the same time. It will encourage you to keep going if only to see that person. I do the same thing. Plus I have a set time I go. Mainly because they only have daycare at certain times and days. Both these factors force me to set it in my schedule. Don't make it an option to not go.



answers from Detroit on

Hi L.,
I can only consistently get up early to exercise when I have motivation. Mine was my friend who got up with me. I don't know if you have someone you know who has a membership to the same gym as you do, but, even just riding a few blocks to the gym together gives you a feeling of helping someone else, as well as yourself, and makes it alot easier to exercise. If u live in the downriver area, and belong to Fitness USA, I could meet you. Thats where I go with my friend Jamie, who is currently on bedrest, so, I haven't gone in a couple of months. Let me know.

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