Exercise Routine-mixing It Up

Updated on October 04, 2011
S.A. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am trying to buckle down and exercise regularly. I can't afford a gym membership so I work out at home with DVD's or walk outside (weather permitting). I have The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout and I love it. I've heard that it's best to not do the same exact workout every day, so what would be a good thing to alternate with? It's going to start getting cold soon, so I'm thinking I'll need another DVD, but I don't want one that is too similar to the one I'm already doing. Any ideas?

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answers from Dallas on

The only true suggestion I have is P90X. You don't have to do it to the extreme that they do, but over time you can add weight, reps, etc. to change it up a bit. You will feel it working the same day.

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answers from Chicago on

When I first started getting in to shape, my absolute favorite workout DVDs were by Ellen Barret. It is cardio and toning, no jumping! Fun and effective too. No pain, the workouts were all adjustable to however I was feeling on any given day. http://www.ellenbarrett.com/the-studio-by-ellen-barrett-d...
Good luck, and have fun!

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answers from Honolulu on

It takes the body, about 6-8 weeks, to get 'used to' an exercise routine.
Then at that point, simply do something different. Even in terms of intensity or length of exercise.

A GOOD thing to incorporate into your routine, is to do "interval training." It takes only about 10 minutes. Or as long as you can endure it.
Look it up online. Interval training, is also what athletes do... it increases fitness and stamina and metabolism and therefore, weight loss etc.
It simply means, to alternate the pacing of your exercise. ie: walk at a moderate pace for 3 minutes, then kick it up and sprint/run for 3 minutes, then kick it back down to walking for 3 minutes etc. And alternate... this. It is strenuous and will really make you sweat.
You can do Interval Training, with ANY, activity. Even jumping jacks.

Then also incorporate, light weights into your routine. Which will increase muscle tone and bone density.

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answers from Dallas on

Do you have Fit TV? Can you call your cable company to see if you have it. They have great excercise shows. Bellydance, zumba, kickbox, yoga, pliates, boot camp, you name it. I tivo my favorties so they will be there when I'm ready.

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answers from Houston on

Pilates for Weight Loss . Add access bar for maximum results. I am a fitness instructor and I will never workout without one. Pilates for weight loss is what I after I had my children.



answers from Chicago on

I have the 10 minutes solutions hip hop dvd and it is fun!



answers from Springfield on

I love Zumba! If you have a class in your area, I highly suggest going at least a few times to see what its all about. It usually takes several times to get a good idea if you'll actually like it or not since the first couple classes you'll probably feel pretty lost. After that, you'll catch on and can really get into it. If you have a Wii (or other gaming system), there's a Zumba game that has a wide of variety workouts so you never get bored. It has a couple beginner workouts, some intermediate and a couple "expert" ones. There's also Wii Fit like someone else mentioned. I use both games and have lost over 30 lbs so far. If you don't have a Wii or other system, you can get Zumba on DVD. I also have a Jillian Michaels DVD. She is tough! Her workouts get results though. Good luck!


answers from Washington DC on

My girlfriend and I have been using the Total Gym. We finished the first week and moved it up a notch.

We will be incorporating other DVDs with the workout!!

I want to do the Pole Dancing workout...I know, I know, I know - but it looks like sooo much fun!!!

I had been using Billy Bank Tae Bo as well...I'm going to start doing that again...I REALLY enjoyed it!!


answers from Chicago on

I use Jillian Michaels Trouble Zone circuit workout. It has 7 circuits and I'm finally up to circuit 5!!!! This workout ain't no joke so your body won't plateau so soon. I also eat an access bar (fat conversion bar) 20 minutes before my workout. Those help me to endure the workout and it's a great guilty free way to enjoy chocolate and carmel for the day. :0)



answers from Chicago on

Have you ever tried The Dailey Method? They have a dvd and it's really good.



answers from Chicago on

I check out different DVD's from the library to mix things up. I also love Fit TV.



answers from Chicago on

I still love the Tae-Bo DVDs. He changed courses a bit with adding some of his products to the newer workout videos, but the older ones, that are just kickboxing-inspired cardio are great. I always loose weight when I do those and watch what I'm eating. You can get anywhere from 30 min workouts to 90 minutes.


answers from Champaign on

My personal opinion is if you are working out every day keep at it!! As for myself, when I start getting bored of a DVD I pick one particular exercise (let's say, lunges-which I hate) and do it over and over again throughout the day (during commercials, for instance) I also have a weight bench so once or twice a week I'll do that instead of the DVD.
If you can afford it I also enjoy the Wii Fit Plus. It has a variety of exercises and a function where you can set up a whole bunch of them into your very own routine. The Wii Fit Plus also keeps you motivated to do it every day. Good luck and great job keeping up with your health!



answers from Chicago on

I love the Jackie Warner DVDs and Jillian Michaels DVDs! I'm looking forward to the replies you get- I'm always looking to mix it up a bit too!!

Good luck!


answers from Rochester on

I like 10 Minute Solutions Kickboxing and have a few others--you can preview workout DVDs on youtube, which is nice in case the instructor is way too annoying for your tastes. :)



answers from Chicago on


Go to your local library, I get all my workout videos from my library in Roselle for free. They have a good number of latest workouts and if they don't have what you want you can suggest they buy it or they can get an inter-library loan for you and get it from another local library for you.

This way you can get the variety without spending money on all these videos.
I was able to loose 40 lbs doing these videos, then got pregnant and just had the baby 5 weeks ago. I'm about to go back to working out myself....



answers from Chicago on

Yoga is awesome and really great for you - it helps you with your core strength and balance, and helps you tone. You can make it as easy (relaxing) or as difficult (energizing) as you want. believe me it's a wonderful workout!



answers from Chicago on

I can't afford the gym membership either, so I spend some good quality time in my basement! I am a HUGE fan of Tony Horton and his 10 Minute Trainer series that I then followed up with P90X. While P90X is a big monetary investment, the way the workouts are structured and the way the weeks/months are structured are really educational (and an butt-kicking!) on how to do it for yourself once you've gone through the program.

My best friend is a personal trainer and she's gone through P90X probably 4 times or so, but now she does 2 weeks of P90X followed by 2 weeks of The Firm (which we both also LOVE). We both have the The Firm Sculpt series (Cardio Sculpt, Ab Sculpt, Total Body Sculpt) and there's another The Firm series we both use that has 3 or 4 discs in it, too, that I can't remember the title--but it's good!

My rule of thumb for a week is the following--this might be a lot for you, but it's a general guideline...if you're not up to being able to spend this much time working out, cut the times in half--something is always better than nothing!!:
Day 1: strength + abs + stretch (45-60 min)
Day 2: Run or Cardio (45 min)
Day 3: Cardio (45 min)
Day 4: short run (2 mi or 25 min) + strength + abs (another 20-25 min)
Day 5: walk or yoga or something non-impact (45 min)
Day 6: Long Run (or cardio) (for me, this is now a 5-7 mi run--used to be a 2-3 mi run not too long ago!)
Day 7: OFF!!! :)

This is based on both what I've learned from P90X and also what I'm learning from training for longer distance running. (I used to hate running, but took it up last year after needing a goal to work to to stay motivated with exercise after the birth of my 2nd child...ended up running a 5K race. This year, I've done two 10Ks and a 15K, with 1 more 10K and a 5K to go before starting to train for a half marathon next year! I'm not a "runner," per se, and I don't get good times that would win anyone any awards. But my goal is always just to finish and to run the whole thing, only walking during the water stops.)

Good luck to you for taking the time to workout and do something good for your body/health!! Keep up the good work!!

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