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Updated on August 20, 2010
S.D. asks from Tampa, FL
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My son is overweight at 7 years old. I would like to get him in some kind of exercise program or something similar for kids his own age. He shows interest in exercise but no interest in specific sport. Before it gets out of hand we need to get a grip on it.

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So What Happened?

He has always been tall and stocky for his age. The shortest teenage male on both sides is 6 foot. My son now is 5 foot and over 100 pounds. Not enough of physical activity I do believe is the main issue. Just would like a program to offer that.

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answers from Miami on

Losing weight can be as simple as cutting out some calories. Tweek some items in his diet. Things like juice, cookies, chips, even whole milk can add unnecessary calories. If he doesn't like sports then maybe bike riding, swimming or fast paced walks with the family.

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answers from Dallas on

My aunt's son is very much like that. He got a Wii last year for Christmas and that has really helped him. He got the Wii board and he will do the exercise programs every day for about an hour. It's fun and it gets him moving. He has 2 or 3 of the exercise ones to do. And he can track his progress on the program.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Look into the YMCA. They offer lots of free and discounted programs for members. Also watch his sugar intake.



answers from Boca Raton on

You really need to also get a grip on his diet. If he overeats now and eats bad food, his taste buds will only respond to poor food choices. Then he will battle with food for life.
Are you feeding him sugar, processed foods, dairy, flour products, breads? If so, instead feed him lots of fresh whole foods: brown rice, quinoa, cous cous, amaranth, barley and other grains, lots of fresh veggies, some fruits and beans, nuts, seeds. Worried about calcium? green veggies and sesame seeds take care of that.



answers from Tampa on

How about walking with him start with 1/2 hour daily- then he gets you, and you can walk interesting places, or mall walk if too hot, and it is your event.
best, k



answers from Mayaguez on

Does he ride a bike? It's a great exercise and he doesn't know it. Maybe you could get him on some softball or basketball program on saturdays. Even a Boy Scouts troup could help. Good luck



answers from Tampa on

Swimming, tennis, soccer - he needs to be moving! Baseball has too much standing around (not to offend all you baseball fans, but my kids were bored because there was so much waiting). Have him join swim team, or find a swim stroke clinic. Check with the Y or local country clubs (you don't necessarily have to join the club - everybody is hurting these days & they may just add new swim team members). He may not show any interest in a specific sport, but it's good for him to at least try everything, if only for one season (don't let him drop out of it - they all complain at some time or another). See if he has a friend that wants to join too, then he'll look forward to spending time with his friend. Gymnastics is another good one to look into. Good luck to you & your son!


answers from Orlando on

Hi S.,

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness month and many gyms are offering classes for parents and children that are fun and educational. Maybe that's a good way to start and then he may become interested in a sport.....or two! :)




answers from Fort Myers on

Getting him out to the playground with his buddies everyday for 30-60 minutes is one option. Riding his bike a couple of miles a day is another. Usually if you get his friends involved it'll be more fun for him and make the exercise time go by quicker. Healthy snacks like Gudernoobs by WooHoo Foods are a great snack for him. They are only 30 calories each and they are a good source of omega-3s. Fresh fruit and lots of water!



answers from Miami on

Is it his diet or his metabolism? Have you discussed this with his pediatrician? Perhaps taking a leisurely walk after dinner (as we all need) will help him metabolize and also give him needed exercise. Not all kids are into sports; but physical activity, a little at a time, will increase his energy.
Best wishes, S.



answers from Austin on

I would try some kind of karate... Not only is it good physical exercise, but he will learn self-defense AND self-discipline. (But only if he is mature enough to know NOT to use it unless needed...)



answers from Tampa on

start going for family walks...pay close attention to what he is eating because children that are over weight can become diabetic and get high blood pressure...get him a soccer ball to kick around with friends or a kick ball to start a game of kick ball. I am sure there are other programs in Tampa but unless he finds it fun it is going to be hard to get him to enjoy it.

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