Exercise - How I've Missed You.

Updated on December 06, 2013
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Mamas & Papas-

Just wanted to rave about exercise. Seriously. RAVE. Got to a point where we were too busy, too tired, too overwrought and I let exercise slide. I'm back at it, and wondering, how, how, could I ever have been too busy, too tired, too overwrought for exercise. It just feels so good.

I am and always have ben petite and curvy, blessed with a sensible appetite and an ability to listen to my body, and smart enough or perhaps healthy enough not to have overturned those cues. Exercise for me isn't about loosing weight, it's about boosting my energy, feeling fit and capable and strong and increasing my stamina.

I'm so very happy to have exercise back in my life. Do any of you feel similarly as re: exercise? Is there anything you had been neglecting to do for yourself that you are now back to doing and happier for it?

All the best,
F. B.

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answers from Chicago on

I woke up the other day and thought,"when it this baby doing to stop waking at 3 and 5, so i can get up and work out again!"

I am anxiously awaiting good enough night/early morning sleep that I can start kick-boxing again. My body is longing to be moved...I can feel it, but I just can't move in the morning.

As soon as this baby goes back to only waking once, I am back to working out!

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answers from Huntington on

Agghhh! Yes, my ability to handle stress and just be mentally healthy depends on exercise. I "took a hiatus" in Sept and Oct to focus on catching up on tv shows and trying all the ice cream flavors in the freezer aisle and gained 10 lbs. Since November I have been exercising like a madwoman and feeling so much better but we have had mandatory overtime all week and were just notified that it will continue all next week and I am sad. It is really hard to fit in a workout and take care of my family and house when I have to work extra hours. I guess I will have to start getting up extra early because this week has sucked due to not getting enough activity in. Especially in the winter months I feel like I need that mood boost.

I do feel similarly with painting/creating art. I have a hard time ever fitting that in, especially since it creates such a mess that takes up the kitchen. But when I do create, I think, "ahhhh! How I have missed this! I need to make this a priority!" There is something so wonderful about mixing paints, using a paintbrush, creating something beautiful. I would love to have a studio area so I could leave it all out and pop in for a little while each day.

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answers from San Francisco on

Isn't it the greatest? There is nothing that makes me feel as good as exercise. I literally couldn't live without it.

Glad you feel great. Enjoy!

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answers from Dallas on

I hate it till I'm doing it, then my thought process is like yours - this is great!! Of course that only lasts till I'm done then I go back to hating it again. I don't do this with sports, those I look forward to and have fun at. It's gym type exercise that I struggle with. Now I run, it's getting easier, but I still have trouble kicking my butt out the door even though I know I'll feel better once I do it.



answers from Los Angeles on

Still digging the gym that I joined in January!



answers from Austin on

I have to exercise. I can literally feel my muscles turn into jelly if for some reason I have to skip working out more than a couple of days. And I get irritated and grouchy as well if I can't work out for more than a week. It's awful. Glad to hear you can get back to working out!



answers from Colorado Springs on

I haven't been working out as usual. It's been holidays, visits from friends and relatives, illness, rehearsals, a little of everything. And I feel the difference! I don't eat as well - actually, I do, eat, but I don't eat as healthily - when I'm not exercising. I don't sleep as well or have the energy I usually have, either.

Today it's very cold outside and a good day to stay indoors. I have no meetings, no errands, no... nothing! I have plenty to do here, but I'm looking forward to getting some exercise in today, either at the gym or at home, depending on whether I really want to ice-skate on the streets. Then the weekend is full of Christmas programs, but next week looks good for getting back to the fitness! Thanks for posting!



answers from Norfolk on

I have recently reprioritized my exercise too! End of September I set myself some new goals and I am loving it! I am very lucky to have a super supportive husband who doesn't mind if the house isn't super clean, but loves to see me happy, fit and healthy.

I hit 10 pull ups last week and have my runs under an 8-minute mile so I am feeling like quite the beast! Haha! Best shape of my life and I'm 36. I also decided to learn how to swim properly for fitness and that has really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

For all of you thinking about getting back to it, JUST DO IT!

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