Exercise Dvd for Teens

Updated on March 03, 2010
C.F. asks from Elkins Park, PA
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I am looking for an exercise dvd for teens it can have yoga and pilates but something which can be done at home.


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answers from Philadelphia on

As far as DVDs go, the Biggest Loser ones are good, as are the Tae Bo DVDs (Billy Blanks, I think).

Do you have a Nintendo Wii? If so, the Wii Active Personal Trainer is a great workout, as is the Wii Fit Plus.

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answers from Kansas City on

I really like the Biggest Loser Dvds. They are fun and motivating and usually have different levels to choose from. They are also on sale at Target and Wal-mart right now for $9 each. I think they would be great for a teen!



answers from Philadelphia on

Try looking at your library first so you can try some out before you buy. I actually just got some videos from a thrift store and am glad I didn't spend more than 50 cents a piece because at least 2 of them are not right for me. I've gotten a few from the library to try and they have been good. The bad thing is you can only have them for a week, but if you really like them you could always go buy one.



answers from Chicago on

Check out collagevideo.com. I think that is the correct site (collage video) You can look at parts of the workout before buying and they do have some dvds for kids and teens. A great plus is you can return a dvd if it is not what you were looking for, even after viewing.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I have to say Wii. That is the best for a teen or child to get exercise and not even realize it. There are a number of games and or exercise videos that are fun while your breaking a sweat. You can even join your teen and have it be a "family" thing where you all compete against one another. Good luck and kudos to you for being on top of your family's health and fitness.


answers from Chicago on

If you have Comcast (RCN may have something similar) the Free On-Demand section has free exercise programs. Go to Sports, Exercise TV, and then you can choose. The Pilates and Yoga ones are great (and you don't need to spend extra money!). I would also suggest Denise Austin's videos if you decide to buy- they tend to be a fusion of both yoga and pilates.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hip Hop Abs is super fun. Expensive, but so worth it.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi carolyn: i wanted to share with you that my 12 year old and myself do the leslie sansone walk at home walk your belly flat 3 mile walk. Burns more calories with every step for slim trim tummy. We love it it only cost 10 go to walmart or target. Thanks and good luck. We have a good time doing this dvd



answers from Philadelphia on

I like Tony Horton's Beachbody workouts. They are the ones from the infomercials. P90X would be way too in-depth, but I love the 10-minute Trainer (it has a variety of 10 minute workouts - cardio, abs, total body, lower body and yoga). He also has a 30-40 minute workout program called Power 90. All of these can be ordered on-line (they are a bit expensive). If you're looking for something fun and fast, they also sell one called Turbo Jam (although I haven't tried this one). Just wanted to share what has worked for me! Hope you find something you like.

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